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Once in a Lifetime

Den:2012-06-06 Kl: 16:12:42 / Interesting and important stuff / Kommentarer: 0
I felt very lucky to experience 2 'once-in-a-lifetime' events yesterday :)
Firstly, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! I can't believe she's been on the throne for 60 years! That's crazy :) The only other queen that has managed such an accomplishment is Queen Victoria!
I think it's very cool to be able to be part of something so rare but so amazing. A lot of people took the opportunity to slag off the queen, but I think she's pretty awesome! I don't blame her for this country's problems, and to be honest even though I really wish I could live in California, I do love England <3 Will always have a soft spot for it, and be proud to have grown up here. Also couldn't believe how beautiful Kate always manages to look! We're going to have a very hot queen one day;)

Secondly, the Transit of Venus that happened last night. Visible to the eye (with safe glasses of course!) Venus moved directly between the Sun and Earth so that it was visible on the Sun's surface! Although it's not the most spectacular of things to see, (like, for example the eclipse) I think that it's still pretty awesome to be able to see another planet in our solar system with the naked eye!
Although I couldn't actually see it in person, because it happened mostly in other parts of the world, and in the UK only at sunrise (not like I would get up that early even if I wanted to!) I was extremely thankful to NASA for providing a live broadcast of the whole thing on their website :)

End of the world

Den:2012-01-17 Kl: 16:02:42 / Interesting and important stuff / Kommentarer: 3
So we've been watching and reading a lot of stuff about the end of the world 2012 prophecies.. A really good documentary series on the History channel called "Ancient Aliens" has shed light on so much compelling evidence it's quite overwhelming to think about it all at once!
I think it has truly convinced us, along with many others I'm sure, that aliens from another planet have visited the Earth in the past, and genetically modified human beings to what we are today.
I won't go into too much detail (and if you think I'm crazy, I strongly recommend watching the series - you can't deny the evidence because it's not made up!)

One of the most compelling paintings - the mother of Jesus, with a strange looking hovercraft above, and a man looking up at it.
"The Madonna with Saint Giovannino"

So basically, the truth as it seems now is that 'God' or the 'Gods' should I say, have all stemmed from ancient alien beings - it explains everything from old paintings to quotes from the bible, ancient scripts, drawings, even buildings!
Anyway, I don't think that's something that bothers me.. Far more concerning than that is the fact that for a really long time, the Earths doom's day has been forecasted as 21 December 2012.
And there's so many different prophecies out there, and the most frightening thing is that when you put them together it kind of makes a bit of sense!

So let's see...

Firstly, and probably the biggest factor in these prophecies, is the end of the Mayan calendar. 21 December 2012 marks the end of a Long Count calendar that has lasted for five thousand one hundred and twenty five years. A lot of people believe that this means something significant (obviously..), and that it will be something to do with something from beyond this world, especially since the Maya's were really knowledgable in astrology etc.

The next thing is that the 10th planet, i.e. Planet X, a.k.a Nibiru, is going to cause something huge to happen. The 10th planet, which has it's orbit in between Mars and Jupiter, is set to come back into the solar system in 2012, (after 3,600 years) It's been speculated that it will cause major gravitational disruptions in the planets, and in the Earth, and could cause a lot of disasterous earthquakes and other disasters to happen.

So, moving onto the next thing - the galactic equator. This is a rare planetary alignment, where the whole galaxy is going to align.
Not only will the Sun, the 10 planets (including Planet X), and a black hole align, (with the sun at one end and the black hole on the other), the star constellations which represent the star signs are also going to align. This is quite scary!

Linking to that, we are set to enter a new age according to the star signs - we are currently in the Age of Pisces , and it is set to change to the Age of Aquarius in 2012. The age is determined by which constellations can be seen on the morning of the spring equinox, so a new age always begins every 2,160 years.

And, as if there is any need for more things to be set to happen in 2012, the solar flares that are released from the sun on a reoccurring cycle are set to peak during the year 2012. Apparently in combination with the reappearance of Planet X, or Nibiru, this could cause a massive amount of damage to the planet on a level that has never been seen before.

Lastly, the thing that is most likely to happen - the magnetic pole shift!
It is thought by scientists that these happen every one million years.. and the last one was 750,000 years ago! Which means we're about 250,000 years overdue.. This isn't speculation about aliens that people can be in denial over.. that's actual fact. The magnetic field has been decreasing, so it's very probable that the shift will happen. This would actually result in the North and South magnetic fields changing place - which would lead to devastation! Lots of radiation from the sun would be let through the atmosphere, resulting in lots of skin cancers, and lots of natural disasters etc could happen.

So, can it be a coincidence that all these things are set to happen in the same year as the Mayan calendar runs out ? I don't think so.. Of course, some of these things (not including the magnetic shift) could probably happen on their own and not cause much panic (e.g. the change to a new age of star sign is not seen as a doom's day prophecy), but I think the fact that they are ALL due to happen in the same year should bring some attention to what might happen... It could be the case that all these things are going to happen and most of the world will be wiped out, or perhaps a new age will begin! Either way, I definitely think something important and big is lying ahead. There are lots of other very very interesting facts and theories behind all of this, but I think that calls for a new post, as this one has been very long! Hope this is something to think about!

Pure Cruelty

Den:2011-06-17 Kl: 14:16:06 / Interesting and important stuff / Kommentarer: 9
I have just seen an article that OUTRAGED me! As a complete and utter animal lover, no sorry, as a HUMAN BEING, I just can't believe what I am seeing.
I will post the link to the full article below, but basically a teenage boy hung his dog from a clothes line using pegs on his skin. I think most of us, especially those from vet tech schools, would consider this act as pure cruelty.
I had tears in my eyes when I saw these pictures, it's just complete evil. Because he was BORED aswell!? SERIOUSLY!
Teenagers these days need to do something with their lives.

Isn't this dog so adorable?

It just makes me so sad, that there are people out there who can be so evil. How can you have the strength in you to do such a horrible thing?
And there are actually people defending this monster on facebook! I am just overwhelmed.
Click here for the facebook group

I am just so angry right now.

Here is the full article;

Digital re-touching

Den:2011-06-16 Kl: 18:32:41 / Interesting and important stuff / Kommentarer: 5
I don't even know what to say.
This needs to stop. These extreme levels of photoshopping girls in magazines are just creating a society built on lies. It's creating self-esteem issues for millions of girls around the world. I mean do they really think it's attractive to have a waist the size of a 4 year olds?

I'm sorry, but that edited picture doesn't even look REAL!

I always knew Madonna looked a bit too good for her age..

Ok, so this isn't retouching, it's just surgery but EW!!

I think this disguists me the most. It's like they are trying to say that small boobs aren't acceptable!

No words..

This is what we need!

Moral Crimes

Den:2011-06-08 Kl: 00:40:55 / Interesting and important stuff / Kommentarer: 0

I just came across an article that really intrigued me. I found it on Sophia Bush's blog!
Here are direct quotes from her blog;

" Ladies. I want you all to to try to imagine something along with me. Imagine being thrown in prison because you had the courage to leave a man who beats you. Imagine being jailed because you refuse to marry a man who raped you. Imagine being sentenced to ten years behind bars because a man in your family murdered someone, and decided that you would serve his prison sentence for him. If you live in Afghanistan, these scenarios are not imaginary at all. They are all too common occurrences, and the women who are jailed for "offenses" such as these are charged with, get ready for this doozy of a term, "moral crimes." "

And the following is even worse;

"I think it would be nearly impossible to be a conscientious young woman and be unaware of the dreadful term 'honor killing.' This term comes from a very dark practice with roots in the MIddle East and Asia, where a woman is murdered for behaving in a way that "shames" her family. Like having a boyfriend. The United Nations estimates the annual number of honor killings to be over 5,000. These crimes are often heinous and brutal, with female victims being stabbed, stoned, set on fire, even tied up and buried alive. Lately, we've seen this frightening practice hit close to home what with breaking news about the gorgeous young Harry Potter star Afshan Azad, whose father and brother are accused of an attempted honor killing. All because the young girl's family is Muslim, but she is in love with a Hindu boy. The men accused beat her with closed fists, dragged around her home, and tossed her about like a rag doll. It is reported that as Afshan was struggling to breathe, they threatened her with death. "

Disguisting isn't it? How can people think this is ok! I didn't even know about this, even though I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan!

"The fact that her family would attempt such a horrific crime sickens me to my stomach. And for what? For loving a boy who is of a different religion? I'm guessing that to many of you that idea seems preposterous, as I believe it should. Love is love. No matter your faith, race, sexual orientation, size, shape, or socioeconomic background. "

"At 16 years old Badia attempted to flee her home with her newborn daughter because her 40 year old husband -- yeah, you read that right. FORTY year old husband -- beat her every day. This man had been beating her since they wed, when Badia was only 12 years old. And what is almost more perverse than a 40 year old man marrying a 12 year old girl, is the fact that in their village this man was considered 'kind' because he hadn't killed her and her baby girl. If he had, no one would judge him, let alone care, because his young wife was considered useless for not producing a son. "

You can read the full blog here on Sophia's blog or the full article from Marie Claire here!

If you want to help, you can purchase a special T-shirt made by Marie Claire, from which the proceeds go to help the poor women who suffer these terrible fates!

Click the t-shirt to be taken to the shop!

And here's an extract of another article from Marie Claire

"Suddenly Amal turned, held up her hands in a futile attempt to stop the Jeep, and froze. Moments later, the vehicle struck the women, tossing them into the air. Amal hit the pavement; Noor landed on a raised median, in a patch of pebbly landscaping. Faleh wasn't done, though. Swerving onto the median, he ran over his daughter as she lay bleeding, fracturing her face and spine. Then, he reversed and sped away."
"But honor killings in America are a chilling new trend. In Texas, teen sisters Amina and Sarah Said were shot dead in 2008, allegedly by their father, because they had boyfriends. That same year in Georgia, 25-year-old Sandeela Kanwal was allegedly strangled by her father for wanting to leave an arranged marriage. Last year in New York, Aasiya Hassan, 37, was murdered in perhaps the most gruesome way imaginable: She was beheaded, allegedly by her husband, for reportedly seeking a divorce. And this past spring, 19-year-old Tawana Thompson's husband gunned her down in Illinois, reportedly following arguments about her American-style clothing. "

Read more here

This just makes me sick. These men thinking they have the right to kill women because of these deranged reasons and it's ok. Seriously?!