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Valentine's Day

Den:2012-01-30 Kl: 13:36:55 / General / Kommentarer: 1

So in a few day's it's going to be February... and we all know what February brings.. Valentine's Day!
It's always so hard to find gifts, and as I work in a lingerie shop I thought I would do a little guide to lingerie for Valentine's Day ;)
Considering Lasenza has gone bankrupt and is now in the process of being transferred, there is no Lasenza online so I can't really use that :( Although to be honest, all our stock is sale at the moment anyway, so it's going to be quite hard to find stuff... so yeah here goes!


I loveee babydolls! They're probably one of the best sellers come Valentine's Day too.. it's definitely worth buying one if you haven't already got one! You can go from stuff like corset type babydolls, or one's which are flowy at the bottom. My personal favourite is the sort of inbetween babydoll (2) - a corset type in the way that it hugs your body, but with really thin (usually lacy or see through) material. It's the perfect blend between the two! Second favourite is the flowy babydoll (1) because it's very feminine and girly but sexy at the same time. Lastly, the corset babydoll (3) is really gorgeous and sexy, but I just don't like how stiff and tight it feels when you have it on. Of course it depends on your preferences, but there you have, the three main types :)


Ok, so it's not exactly complicated this one.. if you're not brave enough for babydolls, a simple bra and knicker combo will do just fine I'm sure! Of course it might be hard to find the perfect one.. Well the design of the bra will be completely dependant on your own preferences.. Wether it's red, black, pink or even green, that doesn't really matter, although your partners preference technically should be taken into account considering it's Valentine's Day ;)
But what style of bra? Well if you're big busted go for a balconette bra (1)- they're way more supportive and lift you up, making your boobs seem less saggy! Some balconette bras will look good on smaller boobs but it mostly depends on their shape. Plunge bras (2) are best for smaller busts, because they give you a much nicer shape :) Of course they vary between lightly padded and very padded as well.
But for Valentine's Day, I would suggest going for sexy designs such as red and black, with maybe some frills or lace - trust me! There's a reason why lingerie shops bring out millions of red and black stuff in February, and there's a reason mostly men buy them - they like it! A lot of girls seem to get offended or just not like them and return them if their partner buys them red underwear - why? What's the harm in wearing something really sexy once in a while ;)
As for thong vs. brief vs. shorts - that is obviously up to what you feel more comfy in - and I assure you as long as they're not granny pants, you're all good! All lingerie retailers now usually bring out atleast two different styles in the matching knickers, so you can pick whatever ones you like to match your bra!


Yes. Not much to say, apart from to make sure you check wether it's hold ups (2) or stockings (1)- hold ups will stay on their own, whereas stockings need a suspender belt. This is a definite yes, wether you're wearing babydolls or underwear! (Of course, heels are a must to go with stockings!) There is so many different designs out there now- plain lace top, fishnets, design patterns, seam back, different colours and lots more! They're actually really fun! And if you hurry, you can get some stockings from your local Lasenza for just £1 (previously £12.50)

You can get lots of gorgeous and sexy babydolls and padded bra's from Ann Summers and Boux Avenue - Boux Avenue is pretty much the same as Lasenza, their stuff is literally the same as ours was, but yeah!

Cake pops maker

Den:2012-01-27 Kl: 19:22:31 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 2
Look what the courier brought us today =D I am so super excited to use this gorgeous thing!! Just need to buy all the ingredients... it's going to be so much fun haha!  Beautiful cake pops maker from Lakeland - it's basically like making lollipops but out of cakes.. how cool is that?! I got all these little accessories with it too like icing and edible buttons to make them look all nice and pretty! Oh and did I mention you can make mini donuts in this too? :) So happy with this buy! And very much looking forward to next week when I have a lot more free time on my hands to actually have fun with it!


Den:2012-01-22 Kl: 13:57:34 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 3
A (much too long) trip to Meadowhall, to spend some money ;) Felt really good! I had a blood test early in the morning on Saturday after which I felt really really faint, then had my Psychology exam afterwards! So scared of when the results come out :( Anyway went to Meadowhall after, and I was just going to pick some stuff up from Lasenza because all of our accessories went onto £1 sale, including slippers and stuff! Mad! But I did end up spending way more by going into all these other shops. Oops. I got Elena (a little girl I babysit) a little present to make her feel better, since she has chicken pox! Poor thing:( A little princess bag from the Disney Store, and some chocolates to put inside it :)
Anyway, I love all I got, so here's some pictures! Although I doubt you can get the Lasenza stuff anymore, it pretty much sold out within the day, I luckily managed to put some stuff aside for me and my mum, because when I went back on yesterday to pick it up, everything else was gone! Although I thought I did regret not putting aside more stuff... Ahwell!

Topshop - £20

Topshop - £22

Topshop - £26

Lasenza - £1 (Bunny Ears), The Body Shop-£4 each/3 for £6 (Shower gels), Boots - £1(Body Lotion)

River Island - £40

Lasenza - £1 each

End of the world

Den:2012-01-17 Kl: 16:02:42 / Interesting and important stuff / Kommentarer: 3
So we've been watching and reading a lot of stuff about the end of the world 2012 prophecies.. A really good documentary series on the History channel called "Ancient Aliens" has shed light on so much compelling evidence it's quite overwhelming to think about it all at once!
I think it has truly convinced us, along with many others I'm sure, that aliens from another planet have visited the Earth in the past, and genetically modified human beings to what we are today.
I won't go into too much detail (and if you think I'm crazy, I strongly recommend watching the series - you can't deny the evidence because it's not made up!)

One of the most compelling paintings - the mother of Jesus, with a strange looking hovercraft above, and a man looking up at it.
"The Madonna with Saint Giovannino"

So basically, the truth as it seems now is that 'God' or the 'Gods' should I say, have all stemmed from ancient alien beings - it explains everything from old paintings to quotes from the bible, ancient scripts, drawings, even buildings!
Anyway, I don't think that's something that bothers me.. Far more concerning than that is the fact that for a really long time, the Earths doom's day has been forecasted as 21 December 2012.
And there's so many different prophecies out there, and the most frightening thing is that when you put them together it kind of makes a bit of sense!

So let's see...

Firstly, and probably the biggest factor in these prophecies, is the end of the Mayan calendar. 21 December 2012 marks the end of a Long Count calendar that has lasted for five thousand one hundred and twenty five years. A lot of people believe that this means something significant (obviously..), and that it will be something to do with something from beyond this world, especially since the Maya's were really knowledgable in astrology etc.

The next thing is that the 10th planet, i.e. Planet X, a.k.a Nibiru, is going to cause something huge to happen. The 10th planet, which has it's orbit in between Mars and Jupiter, is set to come back into the solar system in 2012, (after 3,600 years) It's been speculated that it will cause major gravitational disruptions in the planets, and in the Earth, and could cause a lot of disasterous earthquakes and other disasters to happen.

So, moving onto the next thing - the galactic equator. This is a rare planetary alignment, where the whole galaxy is going to align.
Not only will the Sun, the 10 planets (including Planet X), and a black hole align, (with the sun at one end and the black hole on the other), the star constellations which represent the star signs are also going to align. This is quite scary!

Linking to that, we are set to enter a new age according to the star signs - we are currently in the Age of Pisces , and it is set to change to the Age of Aquarius in 2012. The age is determined by which constellations can be seen on the morning of the spring equinox, so a new age always begins every 2,160 years.

And, as if there is any need for more things to be set to happen in 2012, the solar flares that are released from the sun on a reoccurring cycle are set to peak during the year 2012. Apparently in combination with the reappearance of Planet X, or Nibiru, this could cause a massive amount of damage to the planet on a level that has never been seen before.

Lastly, the thing that is most likely to happen - the magnetic pole shift!
It is thought by scientists that these happen every one million years.. and the last one was 750,000 years ago! Which means we're about 250,000 years overdue.. This isn't speculation about aliens that people can be in denial over.. that's actual fact. The magnetic field has been decreasing, so it's very probable that the shift will happen. This would actually result in the North and South magnetic fields changing place - which would lead to devastation! Lots of radiation from the sun would be let through the atmosphere, resulting in lots of skin cancers, and lots of natural disasters etc could happen.

So, can it be a coincidence that all these things are set to happen in the same year as the Mayan calendar runs out ? I don't think so.. Of course, some of these things (not including the magnetic shift) could probably happen on their own and not cause much panic (e.g. the change to a new age of star sign is not seen as a doom's day prophecy), but I think the fact that they are ALL due to happen in the same year should bring some attention to what might happen... It could be the case that all these things are going to happen and most of the world will be wiped out, or perhaps a new age will begin! Either way, I definitely think something important and big is lying ahead. There are lots of other very very interesting facts and theories behind all of this, but I think that calls for a new post, as this one has been very long! Hope this is something to think about!

The world is beautiful

Den:2012-01-14 Kl: 09:08:14 / General / Kommentarer: 3
I came across an article of 10 breathtaking time lapse videos of nature, and although they all made my jaw drop, I think these ones were the most beautiful.
It's a great reminder of how beautiful our world really is, and that we should definitely take care of it and appreciate it! Instead of destroying it with all this CO2 and all that! Definitely watch them!
I love how you can see all the lightning storms going on all around the world in the space video, it looks so cool! As do the views of the Northern Lights, something that for a long time has been my ambition to see with my own eyes :)

A Timelapse Journey with Nature: 2009-2011 from Henry Jun Wah Lee on Vimeo.

Fun times

Den:2012-01-13 Kl: 00:25:12 / General / Kommentarer: 1

Finally today's post made me so happy! We've been waiting for this game for agesss!! :D Rayman Origins! Spent a huge chunk of the day today playing it, I can't describe how happy Rayman makes me!
Although to be honest I think my favourite is still Rayman 2, this game is still really good!
It's had a lot of really good reviews as well, so yeah!
To be honest it's not good that we got it now considering my exams are starting next week but ohwell!

Hot dogs!

Den:2012-01-06 Kl: 17:23:47 / Cooking time / Kommentarer: 1

  • A pack of frankfurters
  • Onions
  • Pepper
  • Hot dog buns
  • Dressing (ketchup, mustard etc)
  • Oil


  1. Preheat the oil on a frying pan whilst you peel and chop the onions
  2. Add the onions to the frying pan and season with pepper
  3. When the onions have become glazed through, add the frankfurters into the pan
  4. Cook until the frankfurters are hot
  5. Cut the buns in half
  6. Fill with onions and then place frankfurters on top
  7. Add ketchup, mustard or whatever you want :)

Helping out the world

Den:2012-01-02 Kl: 14:27:29 / Charities / Kommentarer: 3
I've just offset like 3 pounds of carbon from the air, and bottle fed a kitten through care2.com
I absolutely love this site, and can't stop urging people to use it! It's completely free, and all it takes is some commitment... click once a day for sponsors to donate to causes, and earn credits for doing things around the site like commenting on news articles and signing petitions.. then redeem your credits for gifts for charity!! Simple ;)

My all time impact :)
I have to admit, I haven't been actually doing it every day because of so much other stuff going on, so even though I've had my account since 2009 I have only got 3,113 credits.. but I have always been doing it when I could and it's definitely one of my new years resolutions to make sure I do this every single day :)

New Years

Den:2012-01-01 Kl: 15:00:05 / General / Kommentarer: 2
My head is pounding quite a bit :( we went out to a lovely (but very expensive) Italian restaurant last night, and I think the wine went to my head...
The food was delicious, even if we did end up spending £70 for three meals!
Also bought some raspberry sourz shots and a blueberry vodka which were awesome, definitely the best out of all the one's we've had!
After that was games and fireworks :) the London fireworks was amazing, it nearly made me cry! Such an amazing show, and it lasted a whole 11 minutes! :O It was just the best show ever! You can watch it here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12101999