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New stuff :P

Den:2011-09-28 Kl: 16:30:14 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 2
We just got a new PS3 slim a few days ago and lots of old games! :D Yay @ Rayman 2! I've loved that game for such a long time, it's awesome to get to play it again!

A fancy snack!

Den:2011-09-25 Kl: 20:03:42 / Cooking time / Kommentarer: 0
Camembert cheese & cranberry sauce

You can get some breaded camembert cheese portions, and cook them in the oven until they're lovely and soft and gooey on the inside! Add a spoon or two of cranberry sauce, to add some sweet flavour!
It's a really delicious snack, and actually fills you up quite a bit too! :)

Camembert is a soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow's milk cheese

Ethical tour

Den:2011-09-24 Kl: 18:47:43 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Yesterday at Uni I went on the ethical tour with the People & Planet society, to see all the different ethical places to eat and buy food in Sheffield :) I only went to three because I had to go home after, but the three I did go to gave us lovely free samples to try! I'm definitely going to be returning to them ;)
On the way to them I also saw lots of really lovely parks that we can go to chill in which was really good!
I was supposed to go to Burlesque dancing afterwards but I wasn't bothered to go back out after, and I'm getting ill aswell! :(
Before that we had the sports fair and I signed up to the equestrian society!! I was sooo happy that we have one :D Finally I can do horseriding lessons for a bit less than £40 an hour! After that we had to go make our "tour poster" with our HCS group, and then got a free lunch (I love my uni, they keep giving away free food hah!)

Got the last laugh comedy club tomorrow night, quite looking forward to going to that :)


Den:2011-09-23 Kl: 21:21:32 / General / Kommentarer: 0

Lots of free stuff from around uni, mostly from the different societies. Including a free pint of beer from Rileys sports club!

Amazing yoga meditation gift set from the yoga society that I joined :)

Activities fair and Interval

Den:2011-09-23 Kl: 00:20:59 / General / Kommentarer: 0
This morning we had the activities fair at uni, it was crazyyy! I've never seen so many people in one room! It wasn't too bad at first, but as time went on more and more people came and it got so packed it was almost impossible to move around...
I signed up to so many activities and societies, I'm just wondering when I'm gonna have time for anything else haha!
Some of the things I joined include;

- Human Communication Society (because it makes sense to join your own departments society..)
- Psychology Society
- Japanese Society
- Yoga
- Salsa
- Speak
- Tea Society
- Sheffield RAG (Raising and Giving - a fundraising society)
and lots and lots of others!

After the fair I went home and then went back later on to do Jewellery making and Swedish back massage! It was soo cool, I made a lovely necklace, and then got to experience a nice back massage, and then actually do it too! We had to pair up and then take our tops off which was really awkward, but I was lucky enough that the person who actually massaged me was a girl! I felt bad for the people who were in girl/guy pairs, how awkward haha!

I went to our library too which was just so amazing I wanted to stay there and never leave! (I'm such a geek I know!!)
After that Hasan met me after his uni and we went to Interval cafe/bar to have some food before going home.


Den:2011-09-21 Kl: 17:46:36 / General / Kommentarer: 2
Yesterday was such an amazing day at uni, we went for a union tour in the morning (not like it was needed but hey..) and then ended up in the tent social, which was really cool, they took videos of our faces and put it up on a big board with everyones faces there! Soo cool!
We had the free lunch for local students aswell after, which was nice, got lots of free food haha! Afterwards wasn't so fun though, as we had to walk for like nearly an hour and a half with a group from our course, on some weird quiz tour of the uni buildings... so long and tiring! It felt ridiculously good to sit down afterwards! We went to the union shop and I got a nice baguette and we sat down on the sofas in the union for a while, and then went to the mentor tea party!
I went to zumba afterwards, which was the most amazing thing ever haha! (For those of you who don't know, zumba is like a fitness class - it's basically choreographed dancing to fast songs to work out)
It was so hard to keep up with the instructor, but it was so much fun! Everyone was so sweaty after, which I guess means it was a good workout! We did lots of different dances, including bellydancing, bhangra, salsa, flamenco, and just overall dancing! I'm definitely gonna sign up to regular classes :)
Came home completely dead out, but then we went to Sainsbury's and Aldi to do food shopping! I think I pretty much fell asleep straight away when we went bed!
Had to get up early today for module enrollment and registration, but I'm soo glad we did, because the queues were already huge, and when we came out 2 hours later they were even longer!
After that we went on an army tour, which was really awesome and I actually signed up! (eek!) Going away for the weekend in 2 weeks time to see if I'm any good haha!
I was supposed to go to Latin and Ballroom dancing tonight, but I don't think I'll be making it, seeing as I'm so tired and have like no energy at all :( kind of wasted my money booking it but I think I would die if I went!

View onto part of the student union, from the balconies upstairs:) I don't think I'll ever stop being amazed at how awesome our union is!

Awesome salad bar in the union! :D

Because this is what toilets are for..

Our group from HCS

ZUMBA time!! ( Although you can't see me:( )

Uni Uni Uni!

Den:2011-09-21 Kl: 00:22:02 / General / Kommentarer: 1
I started Uni on Monday! I was well excited! I met up with Charlotte at 9am, and went to our welcome meeting for our faculty (medicine, dentistry and health... I feel well smart being part of that haha)
It was in a massive lecture room, with some boring presentations followed by quite a funny act from the theatre group.
Afterwards we went to Interval cafe, which was really lovely, and had some food and stuff. Then we had our course meetings and stuff and got lots of info about our modules, which was so confusing! Got some uni hoodies aswell, I was well happy, I've been wanting one of those hoodies for agesss! :)
We got so many leaflets for so many events and everything aswell which is so exciting!

Last few days in Poland

Den:2011-09-20 Kl: 23:28:40 / General / Kommentarer: 0
During the last few days in Poland, I went to some new pizza place with my friends, that just opened in our town, which was really nice! We had a nice pizza and they had polish beer, but I had ice tea because I hate beer!
We walked back, when it was really dark and we walked down some weird abandoned roads which was really weird for someone from London, considering you just wouldn't do that in London.
I also went to a really fancy spa resort with my auntie, uncle, and cousins. It was a really nice swimming pool, with an outdoor heated pool aswell. Although I didn't stay in the outdoor one for long because I felt like I'm going to catch a deadly flu!
Went to my uncles building site too, it was good to see it, their house is nearly finished now and it looks awesome!
Also got to see my other grandma, she came to town and I went to pick her up at the station and we went around the town centre, and she got me nice ice cream, a box of raspberries, some really nice expensive boots, and some sewing stuff (yay!) I've started sewing a horse :) slight obsession with horses now!
But yeah overall it was really nice, I'm really glad I went! I didn't realise how much I missed it! It was so lovely to see everyone again!

Horse riding

Den:2011-09-16 Kl: 16:40:00 / General / Kommentarer: 0
I went horse riding the other day, I was so happy! I've wanted to do it for such a long time, but it's so expensive in London! I told my auntie though and she phoned her sister who works in a stable and she managed to let us go for free :) I can't describe how happy I was, I felt like a little kid :D Although my legs KILL me now, she was trying to teach me how to stand on the saddles and then made the horse run. I dont think my ass and thighs have ever hurt so much haha! Not even after gym! But it was so worth it! The horses were so beautiful and well behaved too! It was scary getting up on a big horse, and even scarier to get down! Some next acrobatics to get down haha! I'm seriously considering taking up lessons in Sheffield now, but I need to see how everything else goes with Uni and stuff!
I know the camera is really bad quality for most of the pictures, because I couldn't take my nice camera with me to Poland because I only had a 10kg limit on my bag and I took my laptop instead ;)

In Poland 2

Den:2011-09-16 Kl: 12:06:10 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Just a few other photos from the trip, I've been absolutely going crazy over all the animals, I think alot of people think I have issues haha! It sucks that our landlord won't let us have pets :(
We took Rocky (the big german shephard) for a walk the other day, to pick the kids up from school. I was surprised how well behaved he was on the leash, compared to the two little rascals we took earlier. Everyone looked so scared of it when we passed, when he's so soft and harmless! Although, having said that, he's been so happy when I let him out he jumps on my back and now I have lovely scratch marks all down my back!

I slept with this one last night, and it kept attacking my legs! It's sooo cute! He was acting like he's digging a hole through the duvet, such a cutie!

In Poland

Den:2011-09-14 Kl: 14:01:15 / General / Kommentarer: 2
So I went to London on Saturday and on Sunday (very early) morning we drove down to the airport. Had to wait around for 2 hours by myself but I went to WHSmith and got "Tales of Beedle the Bard" by J.K. Rowling :) quite fun to read!
Security caused problems saying my see through bag for liquids was too big! Idiots made me buy a smaller one, like it matters!
Also got the YSL mascara for £18 at duty free, so was quite happy :)
Couldn't sleep on the plane at all though, full of screaming children and my ears kept popping, I felt like I was going to go deaf!
Anyway, got picked up by my cousin uncle and grandad when I landed, and drove for like an hour to get here.
It's been really lovely being back here after so long, makes me quite sad really. My whole childhood just comes back to me when I'm here. Sitting on balconies when it's pitch black outside, listening to the crickets and dogs barking in the distance. Playing badminton till like midnight in the middle of the street. Running around playing with the dogs. Staying up with my auntie. Just so many memories, it nearly makes me cry!
Been having a nice time though, playing with all the animals, seeing my old friends and stuff!
Also, can't even begin to mention the immensity of the taste of the food. Oh how I wish I could eat this every day. My grandads own tomatoes with onions and cream, just ahh! My gran made so much lovely food I swear I'm going to gain like 10kg before I leave!

Pesto Chicken dinner

Den:2011-09-12 Kl: 21:44:38 / Cooking time / Kommentarer: 0

Finished meal! With brown rice (healthy because of Ali and Hasan, not my own preference of side:P) and pickles made by my grandad from Poland, brought to us by my parents! :) Sooo delicious!!


Today a very simple and quick (and cheap) meal, ideal for students too! It's so delicious, and I came up with it myself!



  • 1 pack of diced chicken breast
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Green Pesto (to taste)
  • Maggi liquid seasoning
  • Pepper
  • Olive oil (or any oil)
  • Balsamic vinegar



  • Garlic crusher
  • Frying pan


  1. Warm up the frying pan with some oil
  2. Wash the chicken, and once the pan has heated up, put all of it in the pan.
  3. Pour Maggi liquid seasoning over each chicken piece
  4. Add a touch of pepper
  5. Fry for a couple minutes and turn over and fry for another few minutes.
  6. Once browned a little, squeeze half a lemon over all the chicken pieces, and add the crushed garlic and about a teaspoon of vinegar
    --Stir thoroughly
  7. After another few minutes, add a few teaspoons of pesto, according to taste.



  • Make with brown rice for a healthier meal, or with potatoes!

PRICES; (based on Sainsburys prices-guide only)

Note - I do not include basics in my price calculations

1 pack of chicken; £2 - Lemon; £0.30 (so £0.15 for half) - Garlic; £0.30 (so probably about £0.05 for one clove) - Maggi £1.09 (so about £0.10 per use) - Pesto £0.98 (so about £0.20 for one use) - Vinegar - £0.99 (so about £0.05 per use)







Mirror - Lil Wayne & Bruno Mars

Den:2011-09-12 Kl: 12:07:30 / Music / Kommentarer: 0
I love this song, I can't stop listening to it! Found it by accident on the itunes store whilst looking for something else, and I love it!

Quick snacks

Den:2011-09-09 Kl: 21:58:38 / Cooking time / Kommentarer: 1

Polish Custard & Kisiel

These little snacks are really amazing when you're short on time and money! They're about £0.70 each (give or take) and they take like 5-10 minutes to make!
My parents got us loads of these when we first moved and then got us more when they came over last time, so we've had lots of them, but we get through them pretty quick!
Here's some tips of how to make them (since the instructions are in Polish!)

1. Measure out 500ml of milk.
2. Take out half a cup, and put the rest in a pan and bring to the boil.
3. Pour the contents of the sachet into the half cup of milk and stir until completely smooth
4. Pour the contents of the mug into the pan of boiling milk and stir slowly until it thickens
5. Eat :D

For the instant mug version
Boil some water
2. Pour boiling water into a mug
3. Pour contents of satchet into mug and stir quickly until smooth
3. Eat :D

I seriously recommend these :)


Den:2011-09-08 Kl: 00:46:55 / General / Kommentarer: 2
Today evening we had a local student meeting at Uni, which I thought wasn't gonna be a great thing because I thought not many people would go and stuff, but it actually turned out to be really good. 
Had a few talks from some uni staff and students, a group activity and then a free buffet and drinks. Got to meet 2 really lovely girls too, one of which is actually going to be on my course which is pretty great! They were both really great and I'm glad I went tonight!
Was dark by the time it finished so Ali and Hasan came to pick me up, which was really nice too!
Really excited for all the freshers events, I've only just started and I already agree that Sheffield Student Union is the best in the UK :P (apparently it's been voted number 1 student union for a few years in a row now!)
I'm really excited now!!

Nail craze

Den:2011-09-06 Kl: 19:12:00 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0
So I went a little crazy and got lots and lots of nail design stuff! Cannot wait to experiment with it :D
I got lots of gems and designs to stick onto the nail varnish, along with 100 fino sticks, which you cut up yourself to put onto the nails :) I was so amazed when I saw them I just had to have them! Will definitely do a tutorial on them when I get the time!
I actually got them all off eBay which means I had to wait a while till they came all the way from China, but it was worth the wait! :)

New sofa

Den:2011-09-06 Kl: 18:02:55 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Stayed up till like 3am last night, so was pretty dead when we got a call from Ikea saying they're about to deliver our sofa at like 9am! :(
But it's all good, I'm really happy with the new sofa! It's supposed to be a 2 seater, but all 3 of us can sit in it fine :) which is really good!
Had more of a house day today, cooking, cleaning, washing etc. Was going to go shopping but I think we're all a bit too tired. Took us a while to put the sofa together too, Ikea is so unconsiderate, I hate their instruction manuals! Why isit so hard to have writing instructions?! So hard to figure it all out from a few pictures!
I'm also realllllly gutted, because I had to turn down a job offer to be a supervisor :( I applied for it a couple weeks ago and got a phone interview, and yesterday they called me back about it. But I had to say I can't do it because she said they would need me to work any day any time, even though it was only part time supervisor, which of course I can't do because of uni! Seriously considering leaving uni and just working! I could have actually been a supervisor. Grrrrr.
But yeahh, I think it's time to catch up on some Eastenders and maybe The O.C ;)

Fancy Pants!

Den:2011-09-03 Kl: 22:24:37 / General / Kommentarer: 1
So we've been browsing through the Playstation Store recently, trying to find fun games to play, and stumbled upon this fun looking game. Decided to buy it.. (£8..rip off?) but it's totally fun, and I really enjoy it :)

It's such an imaginative game, soo simple but so fun to play! The people who made this deserve a round of applause! ;)
If you have Xbox or PS3 I would really recommend trying it out.
It's a simple game where you are a stick man (or woman) and can play with friends or alone, exploring different levels and collecting stuff and defeating enemies.
Sounds simple but it's really fun to play, especially with friends!


Den:2011-09-02 Kl: 16:21:37 / General / Kommentarer: 3
Went shopping yesterday for food! Got lots of snacks (probably more than actual food haha!)
Love it though, our store hasn't been this full since we first moved in and got lots of stuff from Makro with my dad!

Now I just want to watch TV all day and eat!
Got a welcome evening coming up for uni, but not really sure who's actually going to be there from my course, seeing as most people I've met aren't moving in until 17th-18th Sept! But we'll see.. free buffet too so that'll be good!

Our store when we first moved in! ♥


Den:2011-09-01 Kl: 13:31:06 / Movies / Kommentarer: 1

IMDB rating: 6.9/10
Anna's rating: 9.5/10

This film was just amazing. It was one of the scariest films I've seen, and it was really well made. It was completely different to what I had expected, I thought it would be something along the lines of the omen, with a crazy posessed kid running around being evil, but it's nothing like that. It's a little confusing but definitely good. I was so scared to sleep after, as I kept getting flashes of the film in my head! Although I wasn't really happy with the cliffhanger ending, I'm not a big fan of those!
Definitely recommend if you like scary movies!