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Den:2011-03-08 Kl: 20:38:50 / Old memories / Kommentarer: 2
Some more memories! I was looking through old pictures with Ali yesterday and we found these :)
It's funny how much we've changed!

August 2007

December 2007

October 2007


Den:2011-03-02 Kl: 21:57:32 / Old memories / Kommentarer: 3
Going through my old pictures on my HD, and thinking wow!
I've actually been through so much, and the most important people in my life are still here :)
It makes me so happy that I've known you so long and you're still in my life!

Ali & Hasan♥ I don't know where I would be without them, we've been through so much together, and I've known them since February 2005 :O Amazing! Great past, and an even more amazing future :))
Picture taken; July 2005

Pat♥ Ahh words can't describe :) She's basically like a cousin to me :) We've grown up together, knew each other since we were born, and faced the beauty and horrors of this country together! Love her forever! ♥

Picture taken; May 2003

It's amazing to go through old stuff sometimes! :)