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Yeahh well

Den:2012-04-06 Kl: 20:29:07 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 0
I've kind of not had much to blog about lately, seeing as I've been basically stuck at home really ill :( plus had lots of work and stuff too!
However, having been looking at some old pictures I've just uploaded from my phone, I realised I still hadn't uploaded this picture (I don't think?) It's a picture I took at the Lasenza christmas dinner (yeah ages ago lol)
I really do love this little tunic top from River Island though, I wore it with black leggins and brown heeled boots :) One of my favourite outfits really! <3

29/09/2011 Shopping time!

Den:2011-10-03 Kl: 19:51:10 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 0

Heatwave outfit! It felt so nice to be able to wear summer clothes, considering there was hardly any chances to do that during the ACTUAL summer! I think most of the UK had a huge heatwave, that was supposed to only last a week, but it's the second week now and when we went out today it was 25 degrees! I think I would rather it went back to being cooler now though...

Favourite outfit - Beach

Den:2011-06-06 Kl: 18:01:00 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 1

Hat; Peacocks, Top; Primark, Skirt; Peacocks, Beach bag; Oriflame

Yesterday's outfit

Den:2011-04-21 Kl: 22:07:49 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 2

Cardigan; Warehouse, Top; River Island, Shorts; Jane Norman :)

I got this gorgeous new cardigan from Ebay! I was so happy, it was brand new with tags still on it (worth £25) and I only got it for £6.70! Bargain :) It's definitely a great way to get amazing new stuff for much cheaper! It's a really thin cardigan, perfect for summer!  ♥

Love the weather

Den:2011-04-13 Kl: 21:18:51 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 2
It's great to be able to wear things like shorts and not be freezing cold :)

Cardigan; New Look, Top; River Island, Shorts; Jane Norman :)

Off to the cinema!

Den:2010-11-24 Kl: 16:08:45 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 1
FINALLY going to see Harry Potter :) gonna meet Ali and Hasan at the cinema! Soo excited!

My dress is from Zara in Spain :) and leggins from River Island!

Pink coat!

Den:2010-11-15 Kl: 13:03:12 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 2
I've had this coat for a while now, but never wore it! Decided it might be time to try :)
It's a 3/4 length sleeve, bright pink coat from River Island :)

Todays outfit!

Den:2010-09-17 Kl: 13:36:13 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 1


Den:2010-09-02 Kl: 14:18:11 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 0



Den:2010-08-31 Kl: 13:43:41 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 0


TGI Fridays

Den:2010-08-28 Kl: 20:14:38 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 0



Den:2010-08-24 Kl: 12:17:54 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 0