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Den:2010-08-31 Kl: 13:43:41 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 0


Nail varnish :)

Den:2010-08-31 Kl: 13:39:50 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0
So I got this beigey nail varnish from Boots, and I thought it would look really nice, but I have to say I'm not that impressed.
It might aswell be a clear nail varnish, because even after 2 coats, you still can't even see a hint of colour!

Natural Collection; Peach Manicure


MAC foundation (again)

Den:2010-08-30 Kl: 11:58:56 / Make-up and cosmetics / Kommentarer: 1
So I wrote about the MAC - Sculpt foundation a while ago, and wasn't really that impresed with it.
However, I think I'm going to change my opinion.
My skin is quite bad, and until I get my laser from Harley Medical, I can't really compare how the foundation will look for other people.
But for a long time my skin has been VERY dry, and so most foundations just end up lookin really flakey after like minutes...
But most foundations tend to wear off really quickly too, even with my Rimmel powder, whereas the MAC Sculpt seems to stay on quite well! And the shade seems to match my skin tone a bit more, considering I'm really pale!
So yeah, I definitely think it's worth the money!

I use the N15 colour, which I think is the lightest one!

Price; £22.50

Check out the full product here;
MAC Sculpt foundation


TGI Fridays part 2

Den:2010-08-28 Kl: 21:01:28 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So we went to TGI Fridays on Thursday, in the rain :(
Wow I really did forget how amazing the food tastes! NOTHING beats the Jack Daniels chicken strips and Jack Daniels chicken :)
Oh and not to mention, the Gold Medalist smoothie! Ahh making me hungry just thinking about it! :(
Good thing I'm going back tomorrow!
But yeah it was really nice, just me, Ali, Hasan, Idi and Manhar, and it was the first time I ever went TGI's when it was like practically empty.. I'm guessing the weather had something to do with that!

My feet were killing by the end of the day, probably because I haven't been used to wearing heels lately, and I was smart enough to wear them!


TGI Fridays

Den:2010-08-28 Kl: 20:14:38 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 0



Den:2010-08-26 Kl: 12:34:54 / General / Kommentarer: 1
Good morning / nearly afternoon!
I'm off to the gym now to make a membership and then to Ali & Hasan's to drop off my stuff before we go TGI Fridays :) soooo excited, I haven't been there for AGES! :D
Hope it's not gonna be weird that I'm the only girl there, but to be honest I don't really care, because I'll just be enjoying my sexy food :)

So yeah!



Den:2010-08-25 Kl: 14:32:27 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Ahh I LOVE making plans :)
I really think next year is gonna be amazing! Cannotttttt wait!

But what a crappy day today, I didn't manage to get through to the doctors so I don't know when I'll get to go now!
Yesterday was good in the consultation but now all I need is to get the money... which I have no idea how long it will take!
Job hunting soon me thinks :(



Den:2010-08-24 Kl: 12:17:54 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 0



Den:2010-08-24 Kl: 12:17:07 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Have to leave for a consultation with Harley Medical Group now.. REALLY can't be bothered to be honest
I feel like complete shit :(
And I'm really worried because I have no idea what's gonna happen now and I have a feeling I'm just gonna be crushed! So yeah, great day ahead of me :(
I have a feeling I'm gonna get really upset and people are gonna do bad thingssss
I just wanna stay home and cuddle up with a blanket and sleep all day !


On the bright side

Den:2010-08-23 Kl: 17:35:49 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Been spending a lot of time looking at cute things I wanna get for uni!

My flat is gonna be so nice!

Haha, I LOVE this!! ♥ It's soo cute, and making pancakes in shape of hearts for your boyfriend seems awesome!



Den:2010-08-23 Kl: 17:00:36 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Isn't it funny how people who you think actually care about you and don't wanna hurt you, can betray you so much??
When you think they mean everything they say but then when it comes to it they actually don't give two shits?

I'm done trying now.

Long tiring weekend

Den:2010-08-22 Kl: 21:55:04 / General / Kommentarer: 0
It's been such a long weekend! Worked full days saturday and sunday, and I just got home and I'm really worn out :(
Lasenza is a really tiring place to work at!
We had some girl from big brother come in today, and none of the staff even knew who she was until loads of stupid immature girls were all like " omg omg " and squealing and asking her for pics!
I'm sorry but being in big brother doesn't make you famous. Who is she? Just a normal every day person ( plus like a million pounds of fakery but still...) , she isn't talented or pretty so what the hell?

Meh. people are really sad sometimes.
But I think it's tea times :)



Den:2010-08-21 Kl: 10:53:03 / Make-up and cosmetics / Kommentarer: 0
So I'm trying out the MAC - Sculpt foundation, but to be honest I don't think I'm a fan!
I don't think I'm gonna follow the whole MAC trend...
It might just be because my skin is really weird and doesn't tend to go well with most things but still, I think it looks too cakey and fake!

But we'll see how it goes throughout the day!

Off to work now :(


Results day

Den:2010-08-20 Kl: 21:48:55 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So I'm not going to write about my actual results, because I don't want everyone to know!
Especially some people.

So yeah, but the original TGI Fridays plan did flop because people got late and stuff, so we just went to a chinese buffet with Idi.
I guess the day wasn't what I expected it to be , but I also think it could have been worse!

But I also have to say, yesterday I kinda realised who really cares and who really doesn't give a shit! It was a very eye-opening day!
I am really definitely not looking forward to going work 2 days in a row :( more stress!


Nail varnish :)

Den:2010-08-20 Kl: 20:35:36 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0
I love this nail varnish and how it looks on!
Rimmel; 805 - grey matter
! :)


Brent Cross :)

Den:2010-08-18 Kl: 22:49:11 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So I met up with Pat in Brent Cross, and had a really nice salmon baguette:D had to be said.
Then we went around quite a lot of shops, and I managed to get quite a few things :)
Some tops and nail varnishes and other bits and bobs  :)
Had mcdonalds too after AGES , but I have to say it didn't taste good!!

I feel sooo stressed out :( and really upset!
And the fact results are tomorrow just does NOT help!!



Off to meet pat :)

Den:2010-08-18 Kl: 14:18:13 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Going to Brent Cross to meet up with Pat finally after agesss :)
And buy some things that I really need!
Hope I don't get drenched!

I have no idea what that weird mark on my nose is! It's not really there :P


What a long weekend

Den:2010-08-17 Kl: 14:57:14 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So saturday and sunday were so waste! I swear I feel like my bad luck is just getting worse :(
Monday was a bit better, but still not the best!

But I have finally booked a consultation with Harley Medical Group so that should be good!
Hmm not much to write really, but I have re-discovered my love for horses, because of ITV's This Morning :(
Why do horse riding lessons have to be soooo expensive?

Today doesn't look like a good day either , everyone is getting on my nerves.


Work time :(

Den:2010-08-14 Kl: 11:15:50 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Off to work! Ah, stressful times!
But going to stay at Ali & Hasan's after so it's all good :)
But I'm sooo not looking forward to this stressful 9 hours ahead :(
I'm sorta hoping brent cross is busy so I don't have to think alot!


Last night!

Den:2010-08-13 Kl: 18:50:49 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So I got there really early and just waited in the reception on the sofa!
Once we were all there, we actually went in straight away which was good!
The food was gorgeous, but not as nice as last time! Atleast not the main course :P
But I had two desserts because I'm really a fat kid on the inside, and I couldn't choose just one! (and thought that 3 would be just a bit too much! haha)
Went to the bar downstairs after, and then just went back to Sonams house
My cold sore kind of ruined the whole thing for me a lot though, because I was sooo conscious of it! Thank god you can't see it in the pics! And I did feel really sick on the bus home, but then I was ok after.

My two desserts :D


Finally, Thorpe park pics :)

Den:2010-08-13 Kl: 18:40:30 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Finally got my camera from Ali & Hasans yesterday :)

Jelly beansss :D <3

Ali sleeping :) <3

Hasan and my brilliant photography :) <3

The healthiest food ever!


It's pretty much bigger than me

What we had to carry! Lol

Excuse the moody face!

Car journey home, lol! Ali using the huge inconvenience to his advantage



Den:2010-08-12 Kl: 13:14:25 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Ahh so I haven't written in ages, but that's because there was literally nothing to blog about. I've been sitting at home playing "Plants vs Zombies" because I've been so ill.
My cold sore still hasn't gone, but it's nearly ok now
But yeah, I'm going to Ali & Hasans now to get my camera and charge it, considering I left it there after Thorpe park!
Then I'm gonna go to Sonam's restaurant with Sonam, Sarah and Melissa! Looking forward to the gorgeous food, but not so much the prices! lol, but yeah, kinda running late already so gonna leave!



Den:2010-08-09 Kl: 13:05:39 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Seems like I can't catch a break these days! I thought it would be a better day today considering yesterday was the biggest waste ever, but it just seems like it's gonna be even worse!
I had weird dreams again, which seems to be a regular pattern these days! :S
I felt like a cold sore was coming last night, and I woke up with a fat one on my lip :( It's so disguisting!
Then when I was tidying my room there was a spider under my blanket! Heart attack right there!! It's a good thing I'm not old, or I would probs be dead by now!
And then ontop of that people who should know me way better are just getting on my nerves a LOT!

But yeah I guess my plans for tomorrow are dead now! Ohwell, to be honest I don't care anymore.


Thorpe park pics

Den:2010-08-08 Kl: 17:43:53 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Ok so I managed to get the pics scanned in! Still gotta wait for the camera ones but atleast its a start!

I love this picture :)

Ok I look really bad here! But this is the reason I am now dying :(

I cut out the randomers because I don't want them on my blog! But yeah shittiest thing ever!


Bad times

Den:2010-08-08 Kl: 13:39:53 / General / Kommentarer: 0
I thought I would feel better overnight but I sooo don't :(
I just feel worse! My nose is all blocked up now and I couldn't even speak!
And my head hurts more because I overslept for ages =[

I had a weirddd dream about chocolate cake and now I'm craving it sooo much! And my parents won't go get me any :(
I'm in such a foul mood too! Keep getting annoyed and frustrated :(

ugh ugh ugh!


Soo ill!

Den:2010-08-07 Kl: 20:10:06 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Oh my god I feel like death! I'm so horribly ill it's disguisting!
I went to work this morning but just felt worse and worse throughout the day! Ended up going home, thanks to a lovely manager who gave me a lift :) that was really nice of her!
I just have the most horrible and pounding headache, which is being made worse by the fact my nose is blocked up =[
stupid tidal wave! ughhh!


Thorpe park!

Den:2010-08-06 Kl: 21:59:40 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Ahh what a day!
Started off quite bad coz Ali & Hasan both felt sick!
And then Hasan wanted to go home but I managed to persuade him to stay :))

Me and Hasan got stopped randomly for searches :S soo confused as to why they stopped us and not Ali and Aeven! But yeah that was weirdd! And some guy got caught with drugs so that was fun to watch! lol!

Everything got better after that though :)
I actually braved all my fears! I ended up going on Collosus, and Nemesis ! (Pat you should be proud!!) I literally felt like I was going to die!
But yeah, we went on the new Saw - The Maze ride , and I HAVE to say, its the most SHIT thing EVER! Seriously, I cannot explain how bad and soo not worth the wait it was!
It was most definitely NOT scary, and you have to go in with a group of people, incl people you don't know and HOLD their shoulders! I mean, what the hell? That just makes the whole thing pointless!

Anyway, went on loads more rides, and we got fast track for Nemesis and Stealth, and when we went to Stealth, it was shut because of "technical faults!" that was scary! We saw it was running again so we came back and went through and stood in the fast track lines, and after like 10 minutes, the lady announced that stealth is having technical difficulties and they're shutting it and don't know how long it will be to reopen , but we stayed in the line just in case! It opened again about 15 minutes later, and then when we got to the front, they shut it AGAIN! They said they were gonna give everyone fast track tickets to another ride, and were clearing the lines. That was a PISS TAKE. And I can't believe it was breaking down so much!

We went on Tidal wave, which was a joke! I love it though! We got completely drenched and it was actually quite late by then so it was freezing cold! We paid for the big drier machines and all of us went in together!

We went on Stealth when it opened again (yes, we're stupid:)) which was , like always, the best ride :)
After Stealth we didn't go on any more rides because Hasan had a headache, so we just played arcade games till we left! It was well jokes, we played foosball , me and Hasan against Aeven and Ali. We won first time and then they won the second time!
We played car racing too, which was good!

We made a HUGE mistake of playing those weird games they have around thorpe park to win toys and stuff!
We ended up walking around carrying a MASSIVE heart, a MASSIVE toy (dont know what it was! lool), 2 small toys, and a MASSIVE lollipop around thorpe park and on all the rides!

My dad dropped us there and back which was really nice, because we saved like a £70 cab ride!

Unfortunately, my scanner isn't plugged in because my parents are doing their room and Ali& Hasans scanner wasn't working so I can't get the photos! And also being the idiot that I am, I left my camera to their house too so I can't even upload those pics! :(
Hopefully I will soon!

Stayed over at Ali&Hasans after which was nice too :) didn't really do much just stayed up talking and then watched some tv :) it was nice though!


Early morning!

Den:2010-08-05 Kl: 08:12:25 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Wow I haven't got up at like 6.30am in a LONG time!
Thorpe park trips require a lot of sacrifice! lol
The most amazing thing though is that Ali & Hasan got up too! woo! :P
Anywayss, have to eat and get ready before my dad gives us a lift so :)



Den:2010-08-04 Kl: 15:11:34 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Oh my days! It's so dark and scary and it's pouring with rain and thundering!
I do not appreciate this kind of weather in AUGUST
and considering we're supposed to go Thorpe Park tomorrow, I'm officially worried! :(
What if the weathers like this??

And it doesn't help that I've had weird dreams about thunder and lightning! Eeeek!


Birthday roses :)

Den:2010-08-03 Kl: 21:33:05 / General / Kommentarer: 0
From my uncle and auntie :)



Den:2010-08-03 Kl: 17:53:50 / General / Kommentarer: 0
English doctors suck! Don't make me a phone consultation at 4.40 if you're just going to tell me to ring back in half an hour after I ring! Fucks sake!
But yeah guess I'm just gonna tidy my room a bit for now! It's such a mess. And put in a pastry into the oven so I can eattttttt after!

If they tell me that they can't do it again when I ring back, I think I'll go mad!


Last night

Den:2010-08-03 Kl: 10:05:43 / General / Kommentarer: 0


Going to leave!

Den:2010-08-02 Kl: 16:30:47 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So leaving now for the massive trekkkk to Sonam's house :)
Ahh memories of the 221 journey! :(
Feeling quite crap but yeah!
Gonna go Sonam's then Leicester square!


Getting ready!

Den:2010-08-02 Kl: 14:40:54 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Very slowly!



Den:2010-08-01 Kl: 15:04:31 / General / Kommentarer: 0
I miss Starbucks sooo bad! OHMYGOSH!
Craving a Vanilla latte!



Den:2010-08-01 Kl: 13:50:20 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Boringg! Sitting at home just thinking bout upsetting things isn't good!
Supposed to go out tomorrow with Sonam Charlotte and Melissa, but I just really don't feel like dressing up and going out :( Too much on my head!
But I can't let them down I guess :(

Trying to arrange Thorpe Park on thursday, but have a bigggg feeling it's going to flop!

I've so just lost interest in everything right now :(