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Happy New Year :)

Den:2011-12-31 Kl: 18:53:50 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0


Den:2011-12-30 Kl: 14:17:30 / Gifts / Kommentarer: 1
So I've finally decided to write this post about presents! Unfortunately some of the pictures I took came out really awful and blurry so I won't put them up, but I'll still write about it :)
We got some lovely egg cups from my parents, which is good coz we love eggs! They come with cute little hats to keep them warm aswell :) really cute!
They got us some duvet covers too, one double and one single! I also got a lovely earings and necklace set, although I prefer silver and white gold this one looks nice - might be the first time I wear gold!
Definitely need to go get my ears re-pierced though! Dreading it soo much though, I can't believe I let them close up :(
Got some nice scarf and hat sets too - one pink one purple! I definitely think the pink looks better on me!
I got a 500GB hard drive as well, which is great! I've been wanting one for ages, and I've used up 100GB already oops...
And money too, got about £140 and a £20 topshop voucher :) cannot wait to go spend it!! Been at home ill all week.. hoping to spend it soon!
I got rosetta stone in Japanese and Spanish too finally, I can't wait to start using it :D who cares about uni exams.. haha! Just kidding...
Of course there's also the lovely presents from Ali and Hasan that I posted in the last shopping post, wellies and clothes :) So yeah lovely presents! <3


Den:2011-12-27 Kl: 16:25:00 / General / Kommentarer: 1
So apart from the millions of stresses I've had over the last week, that I won't even begin to describe, it was actually a pretty good christmas!
My parents came over and bought us lots of stuff, including presents for all three of us, lots of food supplies and sweets, stuff from ali and hasans mum, and lots of food my mum made like lamb and stuff and like 2 cakes she baked.. pretty much the whole fridge.. ! Our store is completely stuffed to the top with everything from sweets to toilet paper!
Went up south to a small city next to York for christmas, and got lots of presents! I'll write another post about that after, but I've actually realised I didn't take that many pictures :( guess I had other stuff on my mind!
I'm incredibly ill now though, which I think started from going outside in my PJs! Oops...


Den:2011-12-26 Kl: 12:57:00 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So my mum sent me some of her pictures from Christmas, and I don't really like most of them so I'll just post up two :)

Everyone looking at the fish tank!

I have no idea...


Den:2011-12-21 Kl: 23:07:59 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Just thinking what happened to fashion over the last couple hundred years? What happened to wearing beautiful ball gowns every day... Ever since I can remember I've always thought I've been born in the wrong day and age... I belong in the olden days.. with beautiful dresses and no complicated technology.. candle light..
Life was just so much simpler and much more beautiful in those days.. Who thought of all these horrible clothes people wear now? Girls wearing boys clothes.. Just thinking about it makes even ME feel all manly.. And I still own more dresses and skirts than trousers..
I remember when I was a little kid, watching Princess Sissi and wishing I lived in her world..
I love posh things and beautiful things, and fancy ball gowns.. Trouble is, if a girl dressed like that now people would think "erm what the fuck?"... but it should be the other way around.. the things that some girls wear now are actually the weird things..

Shopping fun:)

Den:2011-12-20 Kl: 16:08:26 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 1
I got lots of new clothes over the last couple of weeks, so finally decided to do a post about it! Haven't had much time so far.. I've also decided I need to start trying to actually put my awesome camera to proper use.. not just take normal pictures with it.. use it's full potential!
Anyway here goes!
Some of them are clothes I got myself, and some are gifts :)
I can't be bothered to do two separate posts though, so this is going in the shopping category!

River Island - This is my favourite purchase of all at the moment! I absolutely love this dress, I wore it to the Lasenza dinner, and it looks great on! With some black tights and brown boots, I felt great wearing it :)

River Island - This is a lovely present from Hasan for Christmas, and I can't wait to wear it :)

River Island - Another great present from Hasan, this is a pretty shirt from River Island, great for looking smart :)

River Island - I decided to get this because the last time I had an all lace see through top I chickened out of wearing it out :P and decided to sell it on ebay lol.. So I thought I'd give it a try again! It's very pretty and sparkly!

New Look - Gorgeous present from Ali for Christmas, I've gotten so many compliments about these! They look great and keep my feet warm :) and dry..

La senza - I couldn't resist.. we got some new stock in yesterday and I absolutely loved it! Pretty little nightie dress, with lace on the boob part! And the flowy cardigan that we had in beige before, and now in pink!

Lasenza - Again, I love these things from us! The leopard babydoll is brilliant, I've got it in pink and it's just so cute! And as for the bra sets, they're gorgeous and silky, and although I got the pink one before the half price, I still think it was worth it!

The Hunger Games

Den:2011-12-18 Kl: 13:58:49 / General / Kommentarer: 1

Ok so I don't normally write about books and stuff.. but I just had to write about this one! I swear, for the last god knows how many years I've been the biggest Harry Potter geek ever, and then Twilight too! I never thought I'd say something can beat it.. but the time has come, I think!
This was seriously the best book I've read.. I don't even know what it is about it.. It was just amazing.. I literally read the first 2 books in 2 days.. I spent the whole Saturday and Sunday just reading.. and every time I had a spare moment I would be reading the third one.. even in the 5 minutes I would have before work when I got there..
It follows the story of a girl called Katniss, and I would try and explain what it's about but I think the trailer for the upcoming movie will do better ;P
(Oh my god, I cannot WAIT for the movie!!!)


Lasenza christmas dinner

Den:2011-12-12 Kl: 20:45:53 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So last night was the lasenza christmas dinner, at Magna centre in Sheffield. It was a really lovely place and the food was delicious! Although they messed up quite bad and only gave us like one spoon of gravy, and it just wasn't enough!
I did feel quite sick though, so I left early, paying like £12 in a cab! Rip off...
I wore my new dress from River Island :) I still need to do a post about the new stuff I have, but I will do that soon, once my assignments are over! :( Have like two due on Friday and I haven't even started them yet!
I also have a new job now.. well should I say, second job now. I'm baby sitting for a couple that lives quite close to us, and the kids are really lovely and adorable :)
Been lying in bed pretty much all day today, feeling soo so sick :( I feel a little better now though, so hopefully I won't get ill like the week before christmas :(


Den:2011-12-08 Kl: 16:46:59 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 1
I love nice shower gels, and I love having a wide variety to choose from ;)
I think we have a lot, right? I love The Body Shop shower gels, they smell so good and there's lots of smells to choose from! I personally love the satsuma one the most, it's so fresh and sweet and just lovely! The green apple one is really fresh and nice aswell. Don't get me started on Lush though, their almond and coconut smoothie is just perfection and luxury. I think it's like £8 or something from what I remember.

The Body Shop shower gels are £4 each.


Den:2011-12-03 Kl: 21:19:53 / On cam / Kommentarer: 2
I've had like no time to blog and technically not much to actually blog about for now, just been working and going to uni! Watched 3 films last night though, till like 6am, and then slept till like 2pm! Oops! When in Rome is an amazing film :)
Will blog more soon, have the Lasenza christmas do next week, that should be nice :)