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Back :)

Den:2011-06-30 Kl: 21:20:38 / Modelling stuff / Kommentarer: 1
Just got back from Sheffield, been there for the last 4 days looking at houses :)
I love that city so much and I just can't wait to move there in a few weeks :D
We had lots of fun and now we have to do lots and lots of shopping ;)


Den:2011-06-26 Kl: 08:32:00 / Nails / Kommentarer: 3

These took me foreverrrr to do! But I love them :D
My nails were so long they were just calling out to be painted french :) So I painted the tips white and then put a clear top coat and put little gems on them whilst it was still dry. It took sooo much patience! I used tweezers to pick the gems up and put them on the nails, and it was so frustrating because I kept dropping them! I finished up with another clear top coat just to keep them in place :)

New hair & tan :)

Den:2011-06-25 Kl: 21:02:24 / Hair styles / Kommentarer: 2

I just got my hair done and got a spray on tan :) I smell awful and can't shower it off for a while so just have to bear with it haha! Love it though, you can see my body is quite dark in the picture :) I asked them to do less on my face but yeah! I hope the fringe is ok, I wasn't too sure about it! It was originally meant to be a side fringe, but whilst she was doing it she left it over my face and I thought ohh this looks nice, let's try that :)

Fright Night

Den:2011-06-24 Kl: 18:03:24 / Movies / Kommentarer: 1

IMDB rating: 6.9/10
Anna's rating:8.5/10

So we watched this film on Tuesday night, and I didn't actually expect it to be that good, as it's an old film and just didn't seem that great... But I was pleasantly surprised :)
The film had me engaged the whole time, I didn't get bored at all, and I was actually scared!
Definitely recommend if you enjoy scary movies :) The effects are brilliant too!
Without giving too much away, the film is about a young boy who is being haunted by a vampire who wants to kill him!

6 year anniversary - 23 June 2011

Den:2011-06-23 Kl: 08:00:00 / General / Kommentarer: 2

Time to relax

Den:2011-06-22 Kl: 17:16:46 / General / Kommentarer: 1
So my birthday was on Monday the 20th June and all day I had to revise for my exam the next morning.
I was really scared but it's over now although it didn't go as great as I thought it would. There was only 2 people in the exam place which was a bit weird.

On the bright side, I can now relax and do loads of fun stuff! These are some of my plans
  • See my friends
  • Play the new Mortal Kombat (the ps3 demo was actually really fun!)
  • Trip to Sheffield
  • BBQ at Ali and Hasans
  • Packing
  • Moving
  • See Judas Priest and Queensryche
I'm not too sure what I will be doing for my birthday yet, I'm still organizing it! I'm hoping to see everyone before I leave for Sheffield!

I'm really excited for all the presents I've got! I will post up pictures soon :D

For now, Mortal Kombat just arrived. Off to play! :)

Happy birthday to me!

Den:2011-06-20 Kl: 09:23:11 / Gifts / Kommentarer: 4
So it's my 19th birthday today! Although I don't feel special at all :(
Going to college to spend the day revising for my exam!
Got a lovely present from my parents though!


Den:2011-06-19 Kl: 19:40:35 / General / Kommentarer: 1


Den:2011-06-18 Kl: 13:54:26 / General / Kommentarer: 1
This is a really cool and funny cartoon video that Hasan showed me last night, it actually made me laugh! I miss watching cartoons, definitely something on the to do list for when we move to Sheffield ;)
Also, not really going to blog in the next few days because I have an exam coming up, so hopefully I can stick to my promises and actually REVISE!
In the meantime, VOTE FOR ME in the model comp ;)

Pure Cruelty

Den:2011-06-17 Kl: 14:16:06 / Interesting and important stuff / Kommentarer: 9
I have just seen an article that OUTRAGED me! As a complete and utter animal lover, no sorry, as a HUMAN BEING, I just can't believe what I am seeing.
I will post the link to the full article below, but basically a teenage boy hung his dog from a clothes line using pegs on his skin. I think most of us, especially those from vet tech schools, would consider this act as pure cruelty.
I had tears in my eyes when I saw these pictures, it's just complete evil. Because he was BORED aswell!? SERIOUSLY!
Teenagers these days need to do something with their lives.

Isn't this dog so adorable?

It just makes me so sad, that there are people out there who can be so evil. How can you have the strength in you to do such a horrible thing?
And there are actually people defending this monster on facebook! I am just overwhelmed.
Click here for the facebook group

I am just so angry right now.

Here is the full article;

Shopping online

Den:2011-06-17 Kl: 13:35:51 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 1
Just received my tops from Fashion Union :)
They were on offer on 2 for £20 which I thought was a great bargain :)

Digital re-touching

Den:2011-06-16 Kl: 18:32:41 / Interesting and important stuff / Kommentarer: 5
I don't even know what to say.
This needs to stop. These extreme levels of photoshopping girls in magazines are just creating a society built on lies. It's creating self-esteem issues for millions of girls around the world. I mean do they really think it's attractive to have a waist the size of a 4 year olds?

I'm sorry, but that edited picture doesn't even look REAL!

I always knew Madonna looked a bit too good for her age..

Ok, so this isn't retouching, it's just surgery but EW!!

I think this disguists me the most. It's like they are trying to say that small boobs aren't acceptable!

No words..

This is what we need!

I wish I was wearing..

Den:2011-06-15 Kl: 14:26:23 / Wishlists / Kommentarer: 3


Den:2011-06-13 Kl: 13:28:11 / General / Kommentarer: 4
So I finally stayed at Ali and Hasan's this weekend, on Friday and Saturday :)
Maybe not the smartest idea since I have an exam in exactly one week, but was worth it :) let's just hope I don't fail now!
Was so good seeing them after like a month! We played the new Mortal Kombat, which was jokes, although I didn't really have much of a chance! It's such a fun game!
And we watched a really interesting documentary downstairs about Alien Invasions, it was really fascinating. It said how alien invasions are being taken really seriously by the US government and stuff! And played out a highly possible scenario! I want to make an underground hatch when we build our house, and store supplies and stuff haha! Yes I'm a big geek.
We also watched Little Fockers which was nice, although the film wasn't all that! Ordered dominos pizza after agess, I had like half of a large pizza by myself! Fatty!
Anyway, I'm doing really well in the model competition, please keep voting for me :D I reallly appreciate it, and let me know if you have voted and want to enter my giveaway!

Little Fockers

Den:2011-06-12 Kl: 22:26:05 / Movies / Kommentarer: 0

IMDB rating:5.3/10
Anna's rating:6/10

I love "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers" but I think this film was a bit of a let down.
It's not as funny, and the story line isn't that great. You would think that it would be more based around the kids, seeing as it's called "Little Fockers" but it's not. It's not the worst film, but definitely doesn't match up to the first 2.
Also, the poster shows babies, but they are not babies in the film.

Second day @ Blackpool - 4 June 2011

Den:2011-06-10 Kl: 13:07:58 / General / Kommentarer: 1
So I've finally come round to doing this! It's taken ages I know!
On the second day we actually went to the "Pleasure Beach Resort"  which is sort of like Thorpe Park! A very overpriced theme park haha! It was like £30 to get in, which was so not worth it!
But it was fun, and I went on the biggest rollercoaster there all by myself! Woo!
After that we went to the beach and made sandcastles :)

Oriflame - Very me Concealer

Den:2011-06-08 Kl: 14:43:54 / Make-up and cosmetics / Kommentarer: 2

Oriflame - Very Me Concealer - £3.45

So recently I reviewed the Very Me Smoothie Foundation so now it's time to review the concealer!
I don't really have much to compare it to, as I don't normally use concealer. However, I was quite happy with this little magic want :) It did what it was supposed to do, and matched great with my skin tone! I got the perfect light shade!
Although I do have to say, It did start to wear off by the end of the day, which I guess isn't too bad as most things do anyway :)
And for the cheap price, what more could you ask for! I would definitely recommend this product!

Moral Crimes

Den:2011-06-08 Kl: 00:40:55 / Interesting and important stuff / Kommentarer: 0

I just came across an article that really intrigued me. I found it on Sophia Bush's blog!
Here are direct quotes from her blog;

" Ladies. I want you all to to try to imagine something along with me. Imagine being thrown in prison because you had the courage to leave a man who beats you. Imagine being jailed because you refuse to marry a man who raped you. Imagine being sentenced to ten years behind bars because a man in your family murdered someone, and decided that you would serve his prison sentence for him. If you live in Afghanistan, these scenarios are not imaginary at all. They are all too common occurrences, and the women who are jailed for "offenses" such as these are charged with, get ready for this doozy of a term, "moral crimes." "

And the following is even worse;

"I think it would be nearly impossible to be a conscientious young woman and be unaware of the dreadful term 'honor killing.' This term comes from a very dark practice with roots in the MIddle East and Asia, where a woman is murdered for behaving in a way that "shames" her family. Like having a boyfriend. The United Nations estimates the annual number of honor killings to be over 5,000. These crimes are often heinous and brutal, with female victims being stabbed, stoned, set on fire, even tied up and buried alive. Lately, we've seen this frightening practice hit close to home what with breaking news about the gorgeous young Harry Potter star Afshan Azad, whose father and brother are accused of an attempted honor killing. All because the young girl's family is Muslim, but she is in love with a Hindu boy. The men accused beat her with closed fists, dragged around her home, and tossed her about like a rag doll. It is reported that as Afshan was struggling to breathe, they threatened her with death. "

Disguisting isn't it? How can people think this is ok! I didn't even know about this, even though I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan!

"The fact that her family would attempt such a horrific crime sickens me to my stomach. And for what? For loving a boy who is of a different religion? I'm guessing that to many of you that idea seems preposterous, as I believe it should. Love is love. No matter your faith, race, sexual orientation, size, shape, or socioeconomic background. "

"At 16 years old Badia attempted to flee her home with her newborn daughter because her 40 year old husband -- yeah, you read that right. FORTY year old husband -- beat her every day. This man had been beating her since they wed, when Badia was only 12 years old. And what is almost more perverse than a 40 year old man marrying a 12 year old girl, is the fact that in their village this man was considered 'kind' because he hadn't killed her and her baby girl. If he had, no one would judge him, let alone care, because his young wife was considered useless for not producing a son. "

You can read the full blog here on Sophia's blog or the full article from Marie Claire here!

If you want to help, you can purchase a special T-shirt made by Marie Claire, from which the proceeds go to help the poor women who suffer these terrible fates!

Click the t-shirt to be taken to the shop!

And here's an extract of another article from Marie Claire

"Suddenly Amal turned, held up her hands in a futile attempt to stop the Jeep, and froze. Moments later, the vehicle struck the women, tossing them into the air. Amal hit the pavement; Noor landed on a raised median, in a patch of pebbly landscaping. Faleh wasn't done, though. Swerving onto the median, he ran over his daughter as she lay bleeding, fracturing her face and spine. Then, he reversed and sped away."
"But honor killings in America are a chilling new trend. In Texas, teen sisters Amina and Sarah Said were shot dead in 2008, allegedly by their father, because they had boyfriends. That same year in Georgia, 25-year-old Sandeela Kanwal was allegedly strangled by her father for wanting to leave an arranged marriage. Last year in New York, Aasiya Hassan, 37, was murdered in perhaps the most gruesome way imaginable: She was beheaded, allegedly by her husband, for reportedly seeking a divorce. And this past spring, 19-year-old Tawana Thompson's husband gunned her down in Illinois, reportedly following arguments about her American-style clothing. "

Read more here

This just makes me sick. These men thinking they have the right to kill women because of these deranged reasons and it's ok. Seriously?!

Dear 16 year old me..

Den:2011-06-07 Kl: 17:15:20 / Charities / Kommentarer: 0
This video actually brought tears to my eyes. It's so sad, and really so true!

Love Gives Me Hope

Den:2011-06-06 Kl: 23:13:32 / General / Kommentarer: 1

Some amazingly cute stories that have touched my heart from the gorgeous site of Love Gives Me Hope!

  • "It's been 781 days today, what would have been our 7 years.
    I lost you to terminal leukemia, but before you left you gave me something.
    You wrote a thousand things you loved about me in a journal for each day and today, I see "Happy 7 years, I love you so much baby.""
  • "My husband and I started dating in the 9th grade. We have been happily married for 15 years today. None of our friends believed we could last this long. But when you find the one who completes your life and lights up your world everyday, there's no giving up."
  • "Today, Easter, I went to my boyfriend's house for lunch.
    "You need to find your easter egg in the backyard!" he said, excitedly as I came in.
    It was sitting in the middle of the yard. Curiously, I picked it up and popped it open.
    Inside was a ring. When I turned around, he was down on one knee."
  • "I was told he wouldn't make it. After 6 months his parents took him off life support. When his heart started to fail I went to kiss him goodbye. When I did his heart skipped a beat. It's been 6yrs. Tomorrow we're getting married."
  • "When I was in 3rd grade aboy came up to me and asked if he could borrow a pencil.
    We became best friends, but he moved away in sixth grade.
    There I was, studying in the library in college, when a guy whispered, "Can I borrow a pencil?"
    I looked up, and it was him. We've been dating ever since."
  • "I always find myself surrounded by nightmares whenever I go to sleep, the doctors give me medication for it, but it made me feel like my dreams are fake. One night, my crush randomly texted me at 1 AM. "Night beautiful! Dream about me;)" I did, and I haven't had a nightmare since."

Favourite outfit - Beach

Den:2011-06-06 Kl: 18:01:00 / Outfits / Kommentarer: 1

Hat; Peacocks, Top; Primark, Skirt; Peacocks, Beach bag; Oriflame

First day @ Blackpool - 3 June 2011

Den:2011-06-06 Kl: 16:40:24 / General / Kommentarer: 0
I stayed at Oana's house on Thursday night, which was really nice, I played with her daughter Rebecca, who is 4, and is the most adorable girl :) We watched Aquamarine when we got in bed, although I think I'm the only one who actually stayed awake through the whole film!
We got up really early the next day and left for Blackpool! We drove for about just over 5 hours, and got lost when we got there haha! My bum felt like it was going to fall off!
We got to the hotel and ate at a lovely little cafe across the road, and then went to the beach! Collected lots of seashells and found lots of surprises on the way, such as dead jellyfish! Eek!
Then we went back home and got changed and went to a small funfair in the city center, as the pleasure beach was closed!
We stayed till a bit too late for the trams, so we had to walk for sooo long to catch the bus! I carried Rebecca most of the way, which made my arms kill!

I'm back!

Den:2011-06-06 Kl: 16:08:11 / General / Kommentarer: 0
I got back from Blackpool yesterday but I was too tired to blog! It was a really great trip, although I did come back so sunburnt that it actually hurts so bad when I move my shoulders in any way! It's really painful, even when my top touches it :(
I'll be posting up pictures and stuff soon :)


Den:2011-06-03 Kl: 08:00:00 / General / Kommentarer: 0

I'm off to the UK seaside for a couple of days :) Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and that the weather stays nice!

In the meantime, please don't forget to vote for me in this years Next Model Competition! It takes 2 seconds :)

Oriflame - Very Me Smoothie Foundation

Den:2011-06-02 Kl: 16:31:14 / Make-up and cosmetics / Kommentarer: 1

Oriflame - Very Me Smoothie Foundation - £5.45

I got this lovely foundation to try out from Oriflame, and it's brilliant! Finally a foundation that isn't too orange for my skin! I got the Porcelain tone, but its available in Ivory, Sand, and Cocoa!
It's very smooth, and oh my god it smells gorgeous!! I actually wanted to eat it. It's enriched with yoghurt and berry extracts to help your skin, which makes it smell amazing!
It does last ages, although I do top it off with Rimmel powder!
Let me know if you want to order it from me :)

Vote for me!

Den:2011-06-02 Kl: 00:08:42 / General / Kommentarer: 0


Hey guys, please vote for me in this years Next Model Competition :)
I wouuld really appreciate it!

Lasenza leaving do @TGIF

Den:2011-06-01 Kl: 14:19:35 / General / Kommentarer: 0

So last night I had a lovely leaving do with the Lasenza girls at TGI Friday's :) I had a really lovely time, and it was so nice to see everyone again. I'm really going to miss them, they've been a part of me for so long!