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I hate saturdays

Den:2010-07-31 Kl: 22:51:58 / General / Kommentarer: 0
I just hate going to work :( HORRID day!

Starting off with not being able to sleep last night, because I haven't been used to going bed early, and my parents didn't help by making loads of noise with my auntie and uncle! SO annoying!

So didn't get to sleep till about 2, and I had to get up at like 8 :(
Long journey to work, had to wait AGES for the bus, in the rain, and then missed the 142 in edgware :(

Had the most splitting headache all day like it was seriously pounding, I've felt like I'm gonna fall down most of the day!
My feet have been killing me all day too, because I wore new shoes! I'm sooo smart hey?

Lunch consisted of disguisting queues in boots, (x2 because I'm a bit blonde and forgot I had to buy a toothbrush coz I left mine at Alis..) and not being bothered to go to hollister and getting annoyed by horrible reception and people taking long to text back!

Then just loads of annoying customers all the time!! Jeeez!
I hate retail :(

Although, we have soooooooo many new items, it's tempting me soo much! And we got paid yesterday! But I really shouldn't :(
Although I did get a new bra!

Then just had a really long wait for the bus again after work, and decided to take a completely different route home! But I did get home quicker! Although I'm quite pissed coz my parents didn't pick me up either! But whatever!

Then obviously, just when my mood cant get worse, people have to be dred!
I just really cant be bothered to be honest. I've had too much of a long STRESSFUCKINGFULL day to care.

I just wish some people understood that.
But what can I do?



Den:2010-07-30 Kl: 22:48:04 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Ok so haven't blogged for quite a while!
The "meeting" went quite well I must say, finally making progress! Referred to another place :)

Went out to Nando's yesterday with Ali & Hasan, which was niceee, I love Nando's food , now that they've introduced the "plain" flavour! :D

However, the day was full of bumps :( starting with the fact my bus got into a crash with a car!
It blocked up the whole road and the traffic that resulted was AWFUL , had to wait for like nearly an HOUR for the next one!

But yeah, came back and chilled and watched stuff etcc!
I have to wake up at 8 for work tomorrow coz my parents can't be bothered to drive me! Ffs! I dunno how the hell that's gonna happen but yer!



Den:2010-07-28 Kl: 15:01:06 / General / Kommentarer: 0
For an important meeting! Cannot be bothered!
It's gonna be a total waste of my time, and won't help me at all!
Excuse the lack of make up and unbrushed hair!
I'm also quite amazed at the fact that I washed my hair last night, and its still quite curly! :S weirdd!



Den:2010-07-28 Kl: 14:52:11 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0
Before we left for cinema, I cooked my own meal :)
Can't explain how proud I am of myself!


Crap day

Den:2010-07-28 Kl: 13:00:46 / General / Kommentarer: 0
I hate not being able to sleep at night! Probably didn't sleep till like 3, my room was unbearably hot, and I was too scared to open the window, and I had soo much stress on my mind!
In turn, got up pretty late too!
I just keep wondering why people are so mean! Like, why do you hurt people on purpose?
I don't know if things will be the same anymore to be honest! :(



Den:2010-07-27 Kl: 21:47:18 / Movies / Kommentarer: 0
Inception was some weirddd film! But it was good! I actually really liked it!
It kept me interested the whole way through, and didn't bore me at all!
Apart from the fact that it was really confusing, and had a shit ending, it was one of the best films I've seen in a long time!
Definitely would watch it again!



Den:2010-07-26 Kl: 15:57:25 / General / Kommentarer: 1
Going to see Inception with Ali & Hasan soon :)
I got ready extra early so I decided to curl my hair! Haven't done it in ages! Although, it looks much better when it's done with curling irons, rather than GHD's :(
I'm not sure what I think!
I think I'm gonna go watch more OC whilst I wait for them to actually leave their house!


Body shop body butter

Den:2010-07-25 Kl: 14:34:21 / Make-up and cosmetics / Kommentarer: 0
I got this Body Butter from the Body Shop recently, and I have to say it's sooo good! It literally smells good enough to eat! The strawberry one is probably the nicest, but its £12, and the raspberry one was on sale for only £5 !

I first noticed it when I got a  manicure and the woman used it on my hands! Smelt it for ages after!
Really recommend it :)



Den:2010-07-25 Kl: 14:29:17 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Yes, I couldn't think of a better title.
I was just thinking about how I actually sort of miss college already! NEVER thought I would!
Even the horrible lessons like maths! I guess that always happens though right?
It's gonna be alot different this year! Nothing to do, just work! I don't think I can stick out a full time job!

And results just around the corner eek!



Den:2010-07-24 Kl: 21:44:24 / Charities / Kommentarer: 0
This website is really lovely, you can click every day for free (you don't even have to sign up but its fun when you can track your progress!) and help loads of different causes.
It gets sponsored by different organisations for each click, so every click counts :)

Click to Feed Pets in Need


Lazy day

Den:2010-07-24 Kl: 16:34:14 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So I couldn't go work today because my feet would not last 9 hours in shoes!
So I've had a pretty lazy day, tidied up as much as I could in the morning, and just been watching the OC since! I made some french toast, I forgot how good it tastes! :)

I was just thinking, we have like less than a month left till results day! Oh my godd!
Literally, my death!



Den:2010-07-23 Kl: 20:18:32 / General / Kommentarer: 1
Wow, so I'm home now! After 4 days! lol,
Such a lazy day today! Took a cab home because of my painful feet :(
Thanks to Ali for paying for it! :)
It's sooo awkward sitting in a cab for 30 minutes and not saying a word to the driver ! lol
I Completely forgot what a mess my room is! :( but for now, I think it's shower / OC time!


Good afternoon

Den:2010-07-23 Kl: 13:12:30 / General / Kommentarer: 0
I need to stop with this waking up at 12 routine!
But I feel soooo sick :(
And I'm so not impressed about this long journey home I have!
Stayed up till 3.30 last night watching random documentaries! "Deadly Machines" was quite scary! Really weird to think about the past and how all these people were tortured and killed in such disguisting ways.
I have to say, getting burnt alive, or having your intestines taken out whilst you're still alive, are just the most disguisting and vile ways to torture / kill!
Really weird thinking about  it though, like how it used to actually happen! Inspired me to go to the Tower of London / london dungeons! lool!

Ali & Hasan are so lazy! They're still sleeping :(
I'm so bored!
I also had really strange dreams, which I'm not going to go into!



Den:2010-07-22 Kl: 18:29:10 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Oh my god, it's thundering!!!!
Bad times!

I haven't blogged for ages!
Staying at Ali & Hasans since tuesday!
Had a trip to Harrow / around the area, in new shoes, which resulted in two very painful blisters :(
DEFINITELY not good times!

Watched The Faculty last night, which was a really good film to be honest!
But I think it's safe to say that my sleeping pattern is completely messed up!

I was going to go home today, but I can't walk in shoes! So gonna stay again!

The wardrobe after my longgg tidy :)

La la la la....

Den:2010-07-20 Kl: 19:16:22 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So we got back from a (very) short trip to harrow...
And I just completely re-did and organised Ali and Hasan's wardrobe! I am SO proud of it. I don't want anyone to touch it now :(
It took foreverr......
I replaced ONE pile of loads of clothes, with a hanging rack with shelves, (with folded clothes:D), clothes on hangers, a box of underwear, and more folded clothes :D

It looks well good!

Anyway, I need some foooood!

My new hair; (if you can see!)


Oh dear...

Den:2010-07-20 Kl: 11:08:25 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Waking up really is one of life's hardest challenges....
I have one hour to get ready (incl. showering!) if I want a lift from my mum!
I'm going to stay at Ali & Hasan's for 3 days :) again. lol.
Considering I have no tights, I hope the weather is hot enough to wear shorts with no tights! Although my legs are so pale that they will probably reflect the sun!

I should really hurry.... :)



Den:2010-07-19 Kl: 21:19:04 / General / Kommentarer: 0
I finally got my hair done wooo!
I'll put up pictures tomorrow because my webcam is shiiiiit!
But I'm quite happy :D
It's no longer yellow! and there's no roots! yayy!

Oh my GOD at the weather today though! It was way too hot for my liking and the fact I was wearing jeans and 2 tops was NOT helpful!
I really do think it's the hottest summer in england!

Anyway, off to watch some more OC :)


Monday morning

Den:2010-07-19 Kl: 13:25:31 / General / Kommentarer: 1
Ahh, I love the OC with all my heart :) been watching it for quite a while now! I miss it, and it's a summer tradition :) It makes me well happy!
I need to get ready soon to get my hair done!


I hate working.

Den:2010-07-18 Kl: 21:38:41 / General / Kommentarer: 1
Customers drive me crazy I swear! Today was just disguisting.
How can you be so arrogant and blatently rude!
Thank GOD I was only there for 4 hours! I was ready to hit someone.
Closing was not fun times though!

Also, Hollister NEEDS to get more changing rooms. It's not even funny! I stood there waiting for WAY too long just to try on a pair of shorts!
And weird how I tried on a size 0 a few months ago and it fit perfect, but now I didn't even fit into a 1 or 3! I got the 5 but I didn't get time to try it on so lets hope it fits!

My room needs a massiveee tidy!
Anyway green tea times <3


Work work work!

Den:2010-07-17 Kl: 22:29:46 / General / Kommentarer: 1
I am SO dead!
I overslept by half an hour! But I still left on time, just skipped breakfast and coming on the comp!
I got a sausage roll and mini donuts from Greggs on the way though! :)

Good thing I did seeing as my lunch was at 4! (5 hours after I started work, 7 hours after I left my house!)
Work was quite ok today, apart from the fact that it was sooo messyyyyy! I wanted to cry when we had to tidy at the end! We didn't even finish by the time we had to leave!
Got a lift off my manager half way home :) That was really nice of her!

So long, I'm working tomorrow aswell ahhh
We have so much new stuff its tempting me loads! Grrrr!


Back home :(

Den:2010-07-16 Kl: 23:41:25 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 1
Ahh, having no internet is the worst thing!
Got home about 2 hours ago, and had to wait for my dad to come back and fix the net! Longgg!
My house is a total mess, because my parents are doing their room up! :(

But anyway, ahh the last 3 days were so good :(
Went Westfields on the first day, done shopping and went out to eat :) cabbed it there and back because we're lazy :P
Stayed up late watching Rise of the Footsoldier.. hmm.. kind of a let down to be honest! Looked much better on the trailer!
But it was ok I guess! Went outside to have tea in the dark too :)) loves it!
Second day just played ps3 and monopoly and went to get food and snacks, which was a missionn! Watching loads of documentaries, like about witch hunting and fighting methods, and then playing monopoly, and staying up till like 6 in the morning was good :)
Today was more of a lazy day but still good :) Although I must say coming back with so much stuff was not good at all!

Ali & Hasan got my card in the post yesterday, which was good coz I got to see their reactions :) I sent them a nice thank you card because I don't know what I would do without them!
SO yeah :)

I really cannot be bothered for work tomorrow! 9 hours in Brent Cross is not the one :(
But yeah, shopping photos that have taken over an hour to get resized thanks to Ali's crap internet :P and the fact that I no longer have Macromedia Fireworks because of getting a new laptop! (RIP my computer!) ;

Tshirt & Shorts; Hollister - £15, £30

Bag; River Island - £34.99
White shoes; River Island - £7
Black shoes; New look - £16

Tshirt; River Island - £5
Skirt; Topshop - £25
Vests; River Island - £5.99 each

Jeans shirt; River Island - £29.99
Leggins; River Island - £8.99
Grey shirt; River Island - £10

Jewellery; Accessorize - £4, £6, £5
Mascara ; YSL - £21.50


Soo tired!

Den:2010-07-16 Kl: 13:10:56 / On cam / Kommentarer: 1
Omg I feel so dead!
I can't believe I got up at 12! I'm wondering how I'm gonna get up for work tomorrow! :( Bad times!
But we did stay up till like what, 6 in the morning? lol

Went down to the highroad to get food and snacks, then just chilled :)
I so cannot be bothered to go home! :( I could so live here!

Anyway, I'm hungry so food times :)

Last night :)



Den:2010-07-15 Kl: 00:21:57 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Ahh Westfield is a trekkk and a halff!
We got there about 2, and got lost straight away!
Ended up spending about 6 hours there, and got home about 9
I am not very impressed because I planned to get much more, but I am quite happy with the things I did get :) 
Pictures soon, considering I'm at Ali & Hasan's so I cant upload :)
My legs KILL :( And I was actually considering wearing heels! I'm so dumb!

Yay for staying 2 nights here :)
Just had tea outside in the dark and now off to watch loads of stuff that Hasan recorded downstairs :)
Best be gooooodddd :P


All ready!

Den:2010-07-14 Kl: 12:07:37 / On cam / Kommentarer: 1

Now all I need is my nails to dry and I'm off :)
...Wow my webcam is such bad quality! :(


Getting ready!

Den:2010-07-14 Kl: 11:07:37 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Ahhh, kinda overslept today! I wanted to leave about 10-10.30 and it's 10 now!
It's raining and I have totally no idea what to wear... =[
Kinda excited to go Westfield and spend all my money though! :) I just hope nothing goes wrong!
I've never been there, I hope its as good as they make it seem!

I should probably go and finish my porridge... (it never tastes as nice when I make it myself, Hasan always makes it better... :( ) but yeah, gotta eat then get readyyy!

Fingers crossed...


Den:2010-07-13 Kl: 22:42:36 / General / Kommentarer: 1
Yaay I finally got a blog up again :)
I missed blogging, but when I found out blog.com had no personalising options (ergh) I asked Pat to help me make a blog on here!
So a massive THANK YOU to her for making this :))
and to Ali for making the gorgeous banner :D

Summer 2010 will officially start tomorrow, after a massive shopping spree at Westfields :)