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Laser treatment; Before and after

Den:2011-05-23 Kl: 16:42:42 / My laser treatment / Kommentarer: 1
After 10 laser treatments, 5 of which were for spots, and 5 for redness.
I can't complain, but I did think it would be a lot better at the end, especially with the redness. But I guess because it was untreated for so long, I would need more than 5 treatments for rosacea.
My face is a lot smoother, and I actually don't wear foundation anymore, which is a great achievement. A bit of powder and that's it :) I would carry on with it but it is very costly, so maybe another time!
Also, it's VERY painful. Don't let them deceive you with " pain free laser " adverts. Seriously. Especially the rosacea one. Unbearable.


Den:2011-02-16 Kl: 11:11:05 / My laser treatment / Kommentarer: 4
So yesterday I did two things. I went to the hairdresser to get my hair done (I'll post pictures soon) and I went to my next laser appointment. I've been getting them done every week at first, and now every 4 weeks. (I've had 7 in total so far) Because I've had a lot of them now, they've started using a more powerful laser, and I have to say it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced yesterday! She started with 2 pulses with each laser, where it gets more painful on the 2nd pulse because it gets more hot, and then she did my whole face again with 3 pulses with each one, where the 3rd one gets quite unbearably painful! Afterwards my face literally felt like it was on fire, I sat for ages with an ice pack on my face! As soon as I took the ice pack off though, it just started burning again :(
Quite scared of the next one, although the girl who does it for me did make me feel better by showing me before and after photos of a patient who had similar skin to mine , and it made me more brave! :)

This is what my face looks like straight after the laser..(although after I applied the ice packs) PAIN!!


Den:2010-10-21 Kl: 20:42:33 / My laser treatment / Kommentarer: 1
So today was a weird day! I finally got my first treatment at The Harley Medical Group, the PPx Laser!
It felt so strange going out with no make up on, definitely don't want to repeat that again!
It was the strangest thing, although not entirely pain-free like it was supposed to be! It was like a mini-hoover which sucked your skin in and then pulsed the light from the laser into it! Quite painful, especially when done on any spots!
At the moment, my skin is more red than usual, but it's supposed to start getting better within 24 hours. The laser is meant to help spots and redness, so hopefully my skin will return back to normal!
Session two booked in already, looking forward to being able to wear no make up again :)

I have taken some before pictures, and will make a "before/after" once all the treatments are complete, and will see if I recommend it to others, as its quite an expensive procedure!

I'm really glad I finally got it done :D
Other than that an uneventful day really, although I should definitely say thank you to Hasan for helping me out so much!
Seeing Pat tomorrow which will be really nice, I miss her loads!