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MMTNM 2011 Final

Den:2011-07-30 Kl: 20:43:36 / Modelling stuff / Kommentarer: 1
So yesterday was the Make Me the Next Model 2011 Finals!
Went down to central London, and had a really lovely day, full of lots of different things. We got put in groups, and then went around different workshops. We had a style workshop with Claire Ginzler, a famous fashion stylist, where we had to pick outfits with the latest trends for the models to wear, then a really great talk with some people from Storm Models.
Then we had a lovely lunch, provided by Next, followed by more workshops. Photoshoots (no make up, eek!), learning to catwalk, and more talks with Storm representatives.
It was all really fun, and finished off with free champagne and a final event show which was hosted by Donna Air and BB.
Unfortunately I didn't make it to the 2nd day, although my chance was a bit shadowed by the fact I fell down the stairs and couldn't do the catwalk properly... but it was a great experience and I got a goodie bag with a £50 Next voucher :) (which I have already spent, ha!)
The fall resulted in a very nasty cut from my knee to my foot, although the lovely models did look after me and were all so so lovely!
Last years winner, Joanna, is soo nice! She made me a lovely cup of tea :)

Lovely view outside..

In a line to get in..

Main lounge...

The stage..

Lunch ;)

Name card..


Me and the amazing models including last years winner Joanna (far left)

Runway practice..

Jade, me and Becky!

Final show..

Donna Air and BB presenting..

All the finalists! Group photo!

Goodie bag! Grazia magazine, £50 voucher, certificate, sunglasses, sweeties and a watch:)


Den:2011-07-28 Kl: 17:15:33 / General / Kommentarer: 1
So I came down to London for a couple days :) I just went to get my eyebrows threaded (oh my god, never again!!) and then met my mum at Alina's house whilst she got her hair done. She's got a cute little hamster and I was playing with it the whole time I was there! I felt like a little kid but it made me sooo happy it was sooo adorable! I swear I always want every animal I ever see because I want a hamster now!


Den:2011-07-25 Kl: 23:10:53 / General / Kommentarer: 3
I had the nicest bath today :) I got lots of things from Lush before moving, because I knew I would finally have a bath :) I've never really been a big bath person, I tend to always shower, but it was so lovely, I got a Rose bud bath bomb which made the bath smell like roses! I put some candles up and read Harry Potter whilst in the bath :)
Definitely recommend it ;)

Hello Sheffield

Den:2011-07-20 Kl: 20:09:18 / General / Kommentarer: 3
So I haven't blogged for ages because we have been moving house! :)
It's been so longgg, we've had so much to do! Packing all the last bits, getting up at 6am on Monday morning so we could pack up the van and get on our 3 hour journey here :)
I love our flat, even though we're still living half in boxes!
We've been going shopping for lots of things that we still have to get, and it's been sooo long getting all the furniture put together! (Well not really for me seeing as Ali and Hasan are doing all of it lol)
Quite a headache really but once it's all done it'll be really good :)
So I might not be updating often for a bit seeing as there's still so much to be done!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Den:2011-07-16 Kl: 12:00:01 / Movies / Kommentarer: 1

IMDB rating: 8.7/10
Anna's rating: 8/10

Ok so this film is rated REALLY high on IMDB, and I can't really argue with that, because it's an amazing film. The effects are brilliant and the film does all the right things, made me cry at all the right moments.
But a one big NO from someone who has read the book many, many, MANY times!
I was sooo dissapointed with their following of the book. I know that most films vary a bit from the book because they have to take stuff out to make the films shorter etc so some things need changing. But they just went overboard, and changed petty little things that just did NOT need changing.
I won't give anything away for people who haven't seen it or read the book, but I was so angry throughout the film, kept thinking "what?! that's not how it is in the book!"
But if you haven't read the book, or maybe atleast only read it once, then it is a very good film.
I just wonder how J.K. Rowling feels after seeing it...

All the bright lights and all the surprises, tell me what they mean...If I'm standing on a stage infront so many people and I feel like its just me...

Den:2011-07-15 Kl: 15:15:32 / Modelling stuff / Kommentarer: 1

Shopping :)

Den:2011-07-15 Kl: 14:56:38 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 0
Bits and bobs that I got from Boots :) There was an offer if you get two No.7 items you get the "nail bar in a bag" goodie bag for free :) Loves it!


Den:2011-07-14 Kl: 11:56:22 / Movies / Kommentarer: 0

IMDB rating: 5.0/10
Anna's rating: 6.5/10

This film is supposed to be a comedy based on films like Kidulthood and Adulthood. It was a good film in the sense that the story line was good, and the ending was quite emotional and good!
However, I personally don't like over the top humour, which sort of killed the film for me as it's very over the top in that way!
It wasn't the worst film though, although it did take ages to start up properly, I did feel like turning it off in the beginning because it was quite boring!
Overall, not the worst film I've seen :)

Playing catch-up

Den:2011-07-10 Kl: 06:00:00 / General / Kommentarer: 6
I feel like I have to write a little catch up blog because there's lots of things I haven't had time to blog about!
The other day, well on Tuesday actually, I went to meet Melissa and Sarah, after months of not seeing Melissa and probably a whole year of not seeing Sarah! It was really lovely to see them, but don't get me started on the trek there! I thought I lived far! But her house was really beautiful, it seriously made me go "wow!"
We didn't really do much we just sat and talked the whole time and then made food and then it was time for me to leave. I did initially plan to stay over but then I had to go IKEA with my dad the next morning really early!

Some other pointers to note;
-I cut my tongue rather painfully and it still hurts like 2 days later. It was right at the tip of the tongue so literally eating, drinking and speaking are all quite painful :( It kept bleeding, it seriously made me question (even more) the people who actually get their tongues VOLUNTARILY pierced.

-I suffered a mini-heart attack today. I'm not even joking, I've never felt my heart beat that fast, and it actually hurt! I started crying :( I was sitting on my chair minding my own business and packing some decorations in newspaper, when a big fat disguisting hairy black spider popped out from nowhere and started legging it towards me! You can't imagine the screams that came out of my mouth screaming whilst I jumped up onto my chair! My mum came to my rescue, but it took me a good 5 minutes before my heart rate slowed down!

I also watched the Harry potter premiere live on youtube, and it broke my heart!
I was soo sad I actually cried. It was so emotional. Everyone gave speeches at the end and most of them cried :( I can't believe Harry Potter is over now, I've loved it from day 1, and I'm currently re-reading the last book for like the millionth time! It was also very nostalgic as I've been to two premieres now (although one we left just before the whole thing started, after waiting for like 12 hours!) and I had my heart truly set on going to this one!
Although I guess it is good we didn't go seeing as people waited from like 6 days before! Crazy, but understandable as I would probably have done that if I had someone to do it with! Noones as Potter-crazy as me though! lol!

Silver Shampoo

Den:2011-07-08 Kl: 16:49:50 / Make-up and cosmetics / Kommentarer: 0

I got this shampoo shortly after getting my hair done, from a hair salon. It's a little pricey at about £10 for a 250ml bottle, but so far so good, seem's pretty worth it :)
The shampoo is completely purple... I have no idea why it's called SILVER shampoo! It literally makes your hair and hands and everything purple! So you have to make sure you wash it off and wash your hands really well :)

The purpose of it is to eliminate yellowish tones from your hair. Blonde hair yellows really quickly because of sun and pollution, so if you hate that yellow-ed look, this is the shampoo which will help your hair stay a platinum / white shade :)

The hairdresser said to use it every time I wash my hair, but I don't feel the need to do that. I do it probably once a week at the moment, and haven't noticed any yellow tones so far :)
Definitely a great buy ;)


Den:2011-07-08 Kl: 16:32:22 / General / Kommentarer: 0
A little late posting this up, but thank you so much for everyone who voted for me in the Next Model Competition!
I have made it through to the finals, :) I'm SO excited!
Will be really fun, and I don't actually think I have a chance of winning next to all the gorgeous girls who are going to be there, but I'm so excited for the experience :)

Oh dear ...

Den:2011-07-07 Kl: 15:23:25 / General / Kommentarer: 4
My house / room is not in a very great state at the moment! I'm actually quite fed up of packing now to be honest, I feel like I've packed like 394584958495843  boxes :(


Den:2011-07-06 Kl: 13:50:05 / Gifts / Kommentarer: 2
I got these lovely gifts from Ali and Hasan for my 19th birthday :) Yes I'm a little late to post them up but I've been so busy! But I love them they're brilliant :)

From Ali ♥

From Hasan ♥

From Hasan ♥

So much to do, so little time!

Den:2011-07-02 Kl: 21:07:55 / General / Kommentarer: 2
Ahh I'm going insane just thinking about all the things I have to do in the next couple of weeks, it's going to be quiet hectic! Hopefully I can still get some time to myself to relax!
I'm quite excited to read the new books I got recently, but I have a feeling I won't get to do that until we move!
I'm finally back home, after over a week of being away!
We ate sooo much crap in the last week that it felt so good to have a proper dinner just now! We had like 3 kebabs, after over 6 months of not having any! I think this has been the first time I actually kept a new years resolution for this long though!
Played TONS of Mortal Kombat 9, I love that game, although mostly it's Ali and Hasan playing since I'm so rubbish...But one day soon I will get so good netiher of them will beat me ;)

We saw lots of houses in Sheffield, and we bumped into one of our friend's who lives there, which was really good
and thanks to him we didn't end up taking a house in a bad area!
We found a place on the last day, which was actually so lucky, but I couldn't be happier :)
We had lots of fun and I'm really glad I'm lucky enough to have them in my life supporting me!

My parents have just bought us lots of things already, like coffee table and lots of kitchen stuff like glasses and all that stuff which was really lovely of them :)

Going to do some more big shopping tomorrow!


Den:2011-07-01 Kl: 12:02:00 / General / Kommentarer: 1