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New hair & tan :)

Den:2011-06-25 Kl: 21:02:24 / Hair styles / Kommentarer: 2

I just got my hair done and got a spray on tan :) I smell awful and can't shower it off for a while so just have to bear with it haha! Love it though, you can see my body is quite dark in the picture :) I asked them to do less on my face but yeah! I hope the fringe is ok, I wasn't too sure about it! It was originally meant to be a side fringe, but whilst she was doing it she left it over my face and I thought ohh this looks nice, let's try that :)

New hair

Den:2011-02-16 Kl: 15:34:04 / Hair styles / Kommentarer: 6
So it looks kinda messy but I basically had it layered (because it's so damaged) which took a bit off the length, especially at the front :( and I had more blonde highlights :)

New hair :D

Den:2010-12-30 Kl: 21:11:39 / Hair styles / Kommentarer: 4
I FINALLY managed to get my hair done! No more of the awful black! YAY!
I couldn't get it completely blonde yet, but still I think it looks much better :)

Black hair?

Den:2010-10-03 Kl: 22:40:21 / Hair styles / Kommentarer: 0
So last night I dyed my hair and it was supposed to be brown.. but it came out black! I'm guessing because my hair was really light before! Eek! I'm not sure about it?