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Den:2012-10-18 Kl: 19:51:58 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 0
So this Monday I got the best news ever :) Going to start a brand new job very soon, and I'm really looking forward to it! Exciting!! :)
So I treated myself to a bit of a shopping spree ;) Couldn't take pictures of everything but have a few to show for the moment :)
I also want to decorate the flat a bit but not sure how long we're going to stay here so don't know about going too much overboard.. hmm..
I've been meaning to get a Cath Kidston bag for ages now, so really glad I finally got it! Although it's slightly small to be honest, quite hard to fit lots of stuff in.. Will have to get used to it though, ha..


Den:2012-07-15 Kl: 18:15:49 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 2

Lovely bikini from Lasenza that I bought ! I got it when they were £15 for a set, but now they are £5 for the top, £3 for the bottom! And buy one get one free!


Body Shop Haul

Den:2012-06-27 Kl: 22:22:17 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 1

The stuff I got from The Body Shop the other day :)
Some gorgeous shower gels (if you haven't noticed, they're my favourite ;)) I got my favourites: Satsuma (£4) and Green Apple (£4) , and a newbie - Cucumber and Mint! (£5) They all smell gorgeous!
Obviously a satsuma oil for our oil burner.. (3.50) Some beautiful new perfume (£7.50 on half price! brilliant!) because it smelled amazing even though I still have mine! A lip and cheek tint (£10), although not so sure I like it .. a lychee flavoured lip moisture stick (£3?), some Vit E tinted moisturiser (£10) although I think it's a little bit too dark for me :( would love it if they made one a shade lighter!!
The gorgeous Moroccan Rose set (£5) which has body butter, shower gel and a shower sponge thingy.. (lol) And also a Vit E gift set (£10) which I think I shall give to my mum!
Oh and the random body spray is a gorgeous smelling mango one from Boots :) because my Victoria's Secret one is running out and I'm not gonna be able to get a new one till August :)
But I did just see that Body Shop now do body mists in their body butter smells! EEKKK! Satsuma / Coconut here I comeeee!

More shopping

Den:2012-06-05 Kl: 18:52:11 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 1
Retail therapy is always fun! Here's my favourite stuff out of some shopping I did :D

New Look I've been looking for a nice maxi dress for agessss... finally found one that I actually really liked in New Look :D Yay!

Primark Saw this a while ago and really liked it so thought I'd buy it when I saw it again whilst buying tights :D Because I'm so wise

New Look Some plain vests, because I like them :D

Primark Completely fell in love with this, even if it will be really scary to wearXD

Lasenza Whole day I was at work I couldn't stop staring at this.. Absolutely gorgeous little floaty babydoll :) See through everywhere except the boob part, which has double layers of lace ♥ perfection.


Den:2012-05-20 Kl: 13:46:33 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 2
I did bits of shopping here and there over the last couple of weeks so I thought I should do a blog now:) I just took pictures of my favourites, although I did get more.. some more shoes from New Look, bras and PJ's from Lasenza (what a surprise), and some dresses :)
But yes here's my favourites!



New Look

River Island

New Look


Den:2012-04-09 Kl: 16:49:29 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 0
Since the really awesomely hot weather we had a few weeks ago, I really wanted to get some new summer clothes so here's my most recent buys!

I absolutely love these wedges from River Island, I think they will go well with almost anything :) although a tad scared they will get dirty really quick!

River Island

This dress from River Island really caught my eye! I love the little lace details, and the summery feel of the dress!

River Island

I didn't really expect to find anything nice in Primark, apart from my usual packs of tights - but I saw this gorgeous Disney top and I loved it!


Same for this lovely flowery see through top, it's so summery and delicate I can't wait to wear it :)


Wasn't really sure about this one, mostly because of the colour, but I think it will look good with some jeans shorts

River Island

Boux Avenue

Den:2012-03-11 Kl: 12:44:09 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 0
I love this gorgeous little top I got a while ago from Boux Avenue, it's so comfy and soft, and looks awesome on :D It goes off the shoulder a little too, which is lovely! I just had to buy it when I tried it on, even though I felt like a little bit of a traitor to my own store ha! But ohwell, I think they have some pretty sexy and sophisticated stuff in there! I think this was like £25 or something, which is pretty expensive for just a shirt top to sleep in or walk around the house in, but I just couldn't resist! :)

Cake pops maker

Den:2012-01-27 Kl: 19:22:31 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 2
Look what the courier brought us today =D I am so super excited to use this gorgeous thing!! Just need to buy all the ingredients... it's going to be so much fun haha!  Beautiful cake pops maker from Lakeland - it's basically like making lollipops but out of cakes.. how cool is that?! I got all these little accessories with it too like icing and edible buttons to make them look all nice and pretty! Oh and did I mention you can make mini donuts in this too? :) So happy with this buy! And very much looking forward to next week when I have a lot more free time on my hands to actually have fun with it!


Den:2012-01-22 Kl: 13:57:34 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 3
A (much too long) trip to Meadowhall, to spend some money ;) Felt really good! I had a blood test early in the morning on Saturday after which I felt really really faint, then had my Psychology exam afterwards! So scared of when the results come out :( Anyway went to Meadowhall after, and I was just going to pick some stuff up from Lasenza because all of our accessories went onto £1 sale, including slippers and stuff! Mad! But I did end up spending way more by going into all these other shops. Oops. I got Elena (a little girl I babysit) a little present to make her feel better, since she has chicken pox! Poor thing:( A little princess bag from the Disney Store, and some chocolates to put inside it :)
Anyway, I love all I got, so here's some pictures! Although I doubt you can get the Lasenza stuff anymore, it pretty much sold out within the day, I luckily managed to put some stuff aside for me and my mum, because when I went back on yesterday to pick it up, everything else was gone! Although I thought I did regret not putting aside more stuff... Ahwell!

Topshop - £20

Topshop - £22

Topshop - £26

Lasenza - £1 (Bunny Ears), The Body Shop-£4 each/3 for £6 (Shower gels), Boots - £1(Body Lotion)

River Island - £40

Lasenza - £1 each

Shopping fun:)

Den:2011-12-20 Kl: 16:08:26 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 1
I got lots of new clothes over the last couple of weeks, so finally decided to do a post about it! Haven't had much time so far.. I've also decided I need to start trying to actually put my awesome camera to proper use.. not just take normal pictures with it.. use it's full potential!
Anyway here goes!
Some of them are clothes I got myself, and some are gifts :)
I can't be bothered to do two separate posts though, so this is going in the shopping category!

River Island - This is my favourite purchase of all at the moment! I absolutely love this dress, I wore it to the Lasenza dinner, and it looks great on! With some black tights and brown boots, I felt great wearing it :)

River Island - This is a lovely present from Hasan for Christmas, and I can't wait to wear it :)

River Island - Another great present from Hasan, this is a pretty shirt from River Island, great for looking smart :)

River Island - I decided to get this because the last time I had an all lace see through top I chickened out of wearing it out :P and decided to sell it on ebay lol.. So I thought I'd give it a try again! It's very pretty and sparkly!

New Look - Gorgeous present from Ali for Christmas, I've gotten so many compliments about these! They look great and keep my feet warm :) and dry..

La senza - I couldn't resist.. we got some new stock in yesterday and I absolutely loved it! Pretty little nightie dress, with lace on the boob part! And the flowy cardigan that we had in beige before, and now in pink!

Lasenza - Again, I love these things from us! The leopard babydoll is brilliant, I've got it in pink and it's just so cute! And as for the bra sets, they're gorgeous and silky, and although I got the pink one before the half price, I still think it was worth it!


Den:2011-12-08 Kl: 16:46:59 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 1
I love nice shower gels, and I love having a wide variety to choose from ;)
I think we have a lot, right? I love The Body Shop shower gels, they smell so good and there's lots of smells to choose from! I personally love the satsuma one the most, it's so fresh and sweet and just lovely! The green apple one is really fresh and nice aswell. Don't get me started on Lush though, their almond and coconut smoothie is just perfection and luxury. I think it's like £8 or something from what I remember.

The Body Shop shower gels are £4 each.

New laptop

Den:2011-10-09 Kl: 19:15:00 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 1
I got a new netbook earlier on this week because I don't want to be carrying my expensive (and heavy) laptop to uni! I got this Acer netbook which is so cute and small and light (only weighs just over 1kg!)
I took it to uni the other day to take notes in my lectures, and then went on it in the library too, which is good since all the computers are usually taken!

Next to my other laptop!


Den:2011-10-07 Kl: 12:16:00 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 0

So there's some really cute stuff I got lately that I really love!

This beautiful bag I got from my union shop at Uni, £38
Absolutely love the design of it, and it's really big, fits my laptop and lots of other things! The front is waterproof too!

This really cute poncho from River Island, £32

And this really gorgeous scarf from River Island, £16

New stuff :P

Den:2011-09-28 Kl: 16:30:14 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 2
We just got a new PS3 slim a few days ago and lots of old games! :D Yay @ Rayman 2! I've loved that game for such a long time, it's awesome to get to play it again!

New tops

Den:2011-08-02 Kl: 11:44:25 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 0

NEXT Top £18, Jumper £28

The lovely tops I got thanks to the MMTNM Finals

Shopping :)

Den:2011-07-15 Kl: 14:56:38 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 0
Bits and bobs that I got from Boots :) There was an offer if you get two No.7 items you get the "nail bar in a bag" goodie bag for free :) Loves it!

Shopping online

Den:2011-06-17 Kl: 13:35:51 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 1
Just received my tops from Fashion Union :)
They were on offer on 2 for £20 which I thought was a great bargain :)

Cosmetics shopping

Den:2011-05-29 Kl: 16:23:00 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 0

My parcel came with all my lovely things from Oriflame :) This is all the stuff that's minee including some free gifts :) I can't wait to start using it all!

Some jewellery

Den:2011-05-11 Kl: 14:52:10 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 1
So this lovely jewellery came in the post today :) I'm quite happy with it, especially the bracelet, it's so unique, the black bits are actually magnets that clip together :) but I had to re-pierce my ears because I haven't worn earings in such a long time! Sooo painful! I'm never leaving my ears without earings for this long again!

Green :)

Den:2011-05-08 Kl: 22:01:57 / Shopping / Kommentarer: 2
Lovely earings I picked up from Boots today :) On half price, so all of them for only £3.25! Loves it! <3

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