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Cute nails!

Den:2011-10-19 Kl: 14:11:30 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0

I love Fino sticks! Simple black nail polish from Rimmel, and some cute cat artwork!

Nail craze

Den:2011-09-06 Kl: 19:12:00 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0
So I went a little crazy and got lots and lots of nail design stuff! Cannot wait to experiment with it :D
I got lots of gems and designs to stick onto the nail varnish, along with 100 fino sticks, which you cut up yourself to put onto the nails :) I was so amazed when I saw them I just had to have them! Will definitely do a tutorial on them when I get the time!
I actually got them all off eBay which means I had to wait a while till they came all the way from China, but it was worth the wait! :)


Den:2011-06-26 Kl: 08:32:00 / Nails / Kommentarer: 3

These took me foreverrrr to do! But I love them :D
My nails were so long they were just calling out to be painted french :) So I painted the tips white and then put a clear top coat and put little gems on them whilst it was still dry. It took sooo much patience! I used tweezers to pick the gems up and put them on the nails, and it was so frustrating because I kept dropping them! I finished up with another clear top coat just to keep them in place :)

Nail collection

Den:2011-05-26 Kl: 15:59:07 / Nails / Kommentarer: 1


Den:2011-05-11 Kl: 20:04:10 / Nails / Kommentarer: 2
I got bored and I got a couple new nail varnishes so I thought I'd be a bit more interesting. I also created a new category because I post a lot of nail stuff :)

Rimmel ; 825 - sky high
Rimmel; 025 - strawberry
(this one actually smells like strawberries after it dries, it's amazing!)


Den:2011-05-05 Kl: 14:29:48 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0
So I just got some new nail varnish from Boots, and I'm not sure if I like it! I'm thinking it's a bit too shimmery?

Rimmel ; 605 - Purple Reign

Also, I realise that the picture is SUCH bad quality compared to my other nail pictures! I have no idea what happened to my camera, I need to fix it :(


Den:2011-03-14 Kl: 12:18:03 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0
I kept seeing girls with brown nail varnish and thought it looked so nice I decided to buy one for myself :) Have to say, I love it!

Update: Although I love the colour, it started chipping within a few hours! The least durable nail varnish I've EVER used! :((

17 ; Tigers Eye

Because red is sexy..

Den:2011-02-04 Kl: 22:10:03 / Nails / Kommentarer: 1
Rimmel; 320 Rapid Ruby

Pink nails

Den:2011-01-14 Kl: 21:36:24 / Nails / Kommentarer: 2
Natural Collection ; Hibiscus

Blue times!

Den:2010-09-17 Kl: 13:41:33 / Nails / Kommentarer: 1
I'm so impressed! This nail varnish is amazing! I absolutely love it!
Again, Hasan's choice! Lol, how does a guy have better taste than me:P
But yeah, 2 coats and its an incredible blue! Stays quite shiny too!

17; Lasting Fix Nail Polish - Seabreeze

Nails :)

Den:2010-09-10 Kl: 23:08:08 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0
I actually am really loving this colour! I NEVER thought I would like orange nail varnish! Ever. Good thing Hasan picked it out for me, because I really do think its gorgeous! :) good taste!

Natural Collection; Antique Coral

Nail varnish :)

Den:2010-09-03 Kl: 23:05:39 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0
So I just used one of the nail varnishes I got the other day :)
I actually really like it!
It took like 2 coats to look as nice as it does in the bottle, but still, I love it! :)

Rimmell; 260 - Green Grass

Ohh ;)

Den:2010-09-03 Kl: 12:24:49 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0
The nail varnishes I got yesterday :) Hopefully they will look as good on as they do in the bottles!


Nail varnish :)

Den:2010-08-31 Kl: 13:39:50 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0
So I got this beigey nail varnish from Boots, and I thought it would look really nice, but I have to say I'm not that impressed.
It might aswell be a clear nail varnish, because even after 2 coats, you still can't even see a hint of colour!

Natural Collection; Peach Manicure


Nail varnish :)

Den:2010-08-20 Kl: 20:35:36 / Nails / Kommentarer: 0
I love this nail varnish and how it looks on!
Rimmel; 805 - grey matter
! :)