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Den:2012-05-18 Kl: 18:25:17 / On cam / Kommentarer: 1

A great quality pic..(not)

Den:2012-03-25 Kl: 15:04:27 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0

Took this picture last weekend when my parents and Ali and Hasan's mum and sister came over to visit us! I wish I had some better quality ones because I really liked my hair that day! :( If you want to take high quality pictures all the time, consider online photography classes (I still think this whole online courses thing is an awesome idea tbh! Apologies to those who don't, but I really wish I had lots of free time to do this stuff) and buy a good camera like my awesome Sony one (even though you wouldn't be able to tell from this picture that I actually own an awesome cam eek!)! I'm halfway there - have an awesome camera but still don't know how to use it 100%!! GRR!

Happy New Year :)

Den:2011-12-31 Kl: 18:53:50 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0


Den:2011-12-03 Kl: 21:19:53 / On cam / Kommentarer: 2
I've had like no time to blog and technically not much to actually blog about for now, just been working and going to uni! Watched 3 films last night though, till like 6am, and then slept till like 2pm! Oops! When in Rome is an amazing film :)
Will blog more soon, have the Lasenza christmas do next week, that should be nice :)

Going out

Den:2011-10-06 Kl: 14:54:40 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0


Den:2011-05-31 Kl: 18:04:38 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0

Leaving noww

Den:2011-04-20 Kl: 15:26:09 / On cam / Kommentarer: 1
Going to cinema now :) Yay I haven't been in ages so I'm quite excited

The other day.. 7Apr2011

Den:2011-04-12 Kl: 20:43:00 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0
When I went to Woodhouse I got a bit bored waiting for the bus ;)
I really loved my outfit that day, I'm so pleased with my purchase of the skirt in River Island :))

Summer times

Den:2011-04-12 Kl: 16:58:00 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0
Since the short-lived beautiful weather in London seems to be leaving us, I think I will make the most of it today!
Leaving now in a vest , a thin top from River Island, and some jeans shorts :)

Let's hope I don't get ill haha.
Feeling Starbucks on my way though.. Hmm...

Ahh <3

Den:2011-04-12 Kl: 16:33:42 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0
My secret love <3

Polish paprika crisps! :)


Den:2011-03-30 Kl: 14:20:09 / On cam / Kommentarer: 3
I really can't be bothered to move, and I'm not in the best of moods now, but gotta do what you gotta do eh!

Love my cutie in the background :)


Den:2011-03-16 Kl: 00:07:12 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0


Den:2011-03-12 Kl: 23:57:39 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0
From my photoshoot, I only just uploaded these onto my comp!

Off now

Den:2011-03-07 Kl: 13:48:16 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0
First day off in ages :) Going to see Ali and Hasan!


Den:2011-02-24 Kl: 22:46:41 / On cam / Kommentarer: 4

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Den:2011-02-14 Kl: 12:26:14 / On cam / Kommentarer: 0
I'm off now :) Hope everyone has a lovely day today, :)


Den:2011-02-08 Kl: 12:40:38 / On cam / Kommentarer: 1
Off to meet Sonam :)


Den:2011-01-29 Kl: 23:50:00 / On cam / Kommentarer: 1

Painful times

Den:2011-01-27 Kl: 12:15:54 / On cam / Kommentarer: 1
I feel weak and sick :( I had my blood test this morning and then a very unfortunate event later too! :(
Now I just finished getting ready to go Westfield, I hope that I won't end up fainting or something! :( 

Have a good day!

Weekend times

Den:2011-01-22 Kl: 00:18:04 / On cam / Kommentarer: 1
So to be honest, I've had a really awful day :( It was horrible, a horrible day at work, and a horrible morning too! Hate not being able to get a proper sleep, especially when people wake you on purpose! Hmm, but anyway I stayed at Ali and Hasan's yesterday, which was lovely, me and Hasan went to a nice Crepe place in Edgware, which was lovely, although the crepes were so big we couldn't finish them! And I had some gorgeous " Cookies and cream" milkshake! Making me hungry just thinking about it :) Try it out!

Then we went around shops and got a gorgeous dress from Peacocks :O I was so surprised!

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