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Once in a Lifetime

I felt very lucky to experience 2 'once-in-a-lifetime' events yesterday :)
Firstly, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! I can't believe she's been on the throne for 60 years! That's crazy :) The only other queen that has managed such an accomplishment is Queen Victoria!
I think it's very cool to be able to be part of something so rare but so amazing. A lot of people took the opportunity to slag off the queen, but I think she's pretty awesome! I don't blame her for this country's problems, and to be honest even though I really wish I could live in California, I do love England <3 Will always have a soft spot for it, and be proud to have grown up here. Also couldn't believe how beautiful Kate always manages to look! We're going to have a very hot queen one day;)

Secondly, the Transit of Venus that happened last night. Visible to the eye (with safe glasses of course!) Venus moved directly between the Sun and Earth so that it was visible on the Sun's surface! Although it's not the most spectacular of things to see, (like, for example the eclipse) I think that it's still pretty awesome to be able to see another planet in our solar system with the naked eye!
Although I couldn't actually see it in person, because it happened mostly in other parts of the world, and in the UK only at sunrise (not like I would get up that early even if I wanted to!) I was extremely thankful to NASA for providing a live broadcast of the whole thing on their website :)


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