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Last week

So I went back to uni on Monday - although it's kind of a waste of time because I changed course now so as of the coming Monday I'll be on another course - eek!
Had a lovely coffee social on Wednesday at the Interval, I swear they make the nicest food in the whole of uni! Did mean to take pictures but ended up not taking any :( The weather was disguistingly horrible on those first few days of uni just full of really bad rain and strong winds - broke a brand new umbrella in about 15 minutes! :(
But on Thursday night we had a proper social, with a cops and robbers theme, which was even better! Kind of sad that I won't be part of that society any more as it's pretty awesome, but I did promise I would still go to their socials! :) We had a really good night and met some lovely people too! I did end up getting way more ill because of it though, but I guess it's better to get ill now and get it over with!
Yesterday after lots of meetings at uni for the course change, I met Kendra! It was so lovely to finally meet her, and she has the most amazing American accent! Ha! But it was really great and we went to see Ted in the cinema! I've been meaning to see it for ages so it was good to finally go see it. Anyway, off to work now unfortunately, with the biggest headache and sore throat :( Fun!


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