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Evanescence Live Manchester Arena

So on Tuesday I went to see Evanescence play at Manchester Arena :D I stayed over at Kendra's house on Monday night, so that I could get up really early on Tuesday and go wait outside the arena! So we got up at 7am and left at 8am, and I got there at 9am! Surprisingly wasn't the first one there lol but still managed to be at the front, seeing as there was TEN doors! That was the one annoying thing - people who came lots later got to be at the front too because there was so many entrances! Anyway, I had the good idea of getting camping chairs beforehand, so we didn't have to sit on the cold hard floor :D win!
Amy rocked like always, she was wearing a beautiful skirt made from all the flags of the countries she had visited on this tour - I think that's so awesome!
They really do need to rethink their support bands though, because apart from The Pretty Reckless last year, all their support bands have, I'm sorry to say, sucked!
They finished with My Immortal and a shitload of confetti being blown everywhere - it was amazing!! :D
The concert finished about 11pm and then we went to the hotel they were going to stay at - waiting at the bar, whilst paying £10 per drink! Unfortunately we left too early, as we found out she didn't come out at the arena until 1am at night, but we left the hotel at around 12.40am. :( bad times, but a lesson for next time - don't give up so early! hah!
I really really hope they will come back soon, as I've been hearing a lot about "taking a break again" - whaaaat? :(


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