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Went out to TGI's today to have a nice meal for my birthday with Mitra :D I've missed TGI's I haven't had it since like last summer I think? Eek! Was so nice! Although I always get heartburn after because I always get the Jack Daniels chicken and alcohol gives me heart burn! Grrr!
Although full of like a million reminders of why I want to move to America, it was still lovely!
Decided to go for a different desert this time because I always go for popcorn sundae and I got the apple crumble with cinammon waffle and vanilla ice cream..mmm...
Went to The Body Shop afterwards and got lots of stuff :D
If only it wasn't crap English weather... *sigh*

Postat av: Mitra

YUMMMM so good. Love the photos!

2012-06-22 @ 22:33:02

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