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More shopping

Retail therapy is always fun! Here's my favourite stuff out of some shopping I did :D

New Look I've been looking for a nice maxi dress for agessss... finally found one that I actually really liked in New Look :D Yay!

Primark Saw this a while ago and really liked it so thought I'd buy it when I saw it again whilst buying tights :D Because I'm so wise

New Look Some plain vests, because I like them :D

Primark Completely fell in love with this, even if it will be really scary to wearXD

Lasenza Whole day I was at work I couldn't stop staring at this.. Absolutely gorgeous little floaty babydoll :) See through everywhere except the boob part, which has double layers of lace ♥ perfection.

Postat av: ana

im on a misson to find a great maxi skirt, heard HnM have some great ones, i love the owl top, and really want to see you in the dress! :) also the babydoll.. twittt twooo...!! :) X

2012-06-05 @ 19:18:03
URL: http://weallthinkdifferently.blogspot.com

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