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Body Shop Haul

The stuff I got from The Body Shop the other day :)
Some gorgeous shower gels (if you haven't noticed, they're my favourite ;)) I got my favourites: Satsuma (£4) and Green Apple (£4) , and a newbie - Cucumber and Mint! (£5) They all smell gorgeous!
Obviously a satsuma oil for our oil burner.. (3.50) Some beautiful new perfume (£7.50 on half price! brilliant!) because it smelled amazing even though I still have mine! A lip and cheek tint (£10), although not so sure I like it .. a lychee flavoured lip moisture stick (£3?), some Vit E tinted moisturiser (£10) although I think it's a little bit too dark for me :( would love it if they made one a shade lighter!!
The gorgeous Moroccan Rose set (£5) which has body butter, shower gel and a shower sponge thingy.. (lol) And also a Vit E gift set (£10) which I think I shall give to my mum!
Oh and the random body spray is a gorgeous smelling mango one from Boots :) because my Victoria's Secret one is running out and I'm not gonna be able to get a new one till August :)
But I did just see that Body Shop now do body mists in their body butter smells! EEKKK! Satsuma / Coconut here I comeeee!

Postat av: PEYTON


2012-06-28 @ 22:59:02
URL: http://vegapeyton.blogg.se/

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