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Sheffield Cats Shelter

So I went to volunteer at the Sheffield Cats Shelter a few days ago.. Ahh full of cute kitties that were stealing my heart, one by one! One of the kittens got so attached to me it would meow every time I tried to move away from it :( made me soo sad to leave, especially seeing its cute little face watching me through the window of the door as I left.. :( :( really think it's so unfair that we aren't allowed to have a cat and it seems like nowhere in this stupid city allows pets.! UGH! I was so ready to adopt her<3
Anyways, I'm trying to raise some funds for them as they're completely funded by donations. Check out my Just Giving page :)
They are a registered charity with a registered charity number so you know that your money makes a difference!
Any donations are appreciated, however small!
You can also donate by text for free! (i.e. no extra charges or anything just your standard network charge for a message - free if you have free texts, + however much you decide to donate!)
Text ARSC70 + amount you want to donate to 70070
e.g. ARSC70 £1
If you can't, atleast give them some love and like their page :)
Image from Sheffield Cats Shelter

Postat av: ana

that picture is BEYOND cute! :) X

2012-07-05 @ 22:47:25
URL: http://weallthinkdifferently.blogspot.com

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