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Since the really awesomely hot weather we had a few weeks ago, I really wanted to get some new summer clothes so here's my most recent buys!

I absolutely love these wedges from River Island, I think they will go well with almost anything :) although a tad scared they will get dirty really quick!

River Island

This dress from River Island really caught my eye! I love the little lace details, and the summery feel of the dress!

River Island

I didn't really expect to find anything nice in Primark, apart from my usual packs of tights - but I saw this gorgeous Disney top and I loved it!


Same for this lovely flowery see through top, it's so summery and delicate I can't wait to wear it :)


Wasn't really sure about this one, mostly because of the colour, but I think it will look good with some jeans shorts

River Island


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