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Lasenza night out

After working till 10.30pm last night, I actually managed to go out..and stay out!
I got changed at work, and met Sarah at the station, after which we quickly dropped my stuff off at mine and then headed for Players to meet the rest of the Lasenza girls!
Although I don't particularly like Players, considering the half naked girls everywhere giving it a very sleazy feel, it was actually pretty fun! It was a tad weird seeing members of management after they'd been drinking but in a good way ;)
I actually had a skittles bomb, which I've been dying to try from ages!! Not sure if it counts towards my "day zero" project list, considering I didn't actually make it from scratch.. hmm.. But it was very very nice! Definitely better than the tequila. Blergh.
We went to Lava Lounge for a bit, didn't really like that much, barely played anything good :(
Then we (very slowly might I add) made our way to Embrace!
Apparently there were a lot of rumours that it's dead on a Friday, but it was actually pretty packed out, and we ended up having lots of fun!
After I got home at like 3am we were going to stay up all night, but didn't actually make it haha! I think we ended up going bed at like 4 something..


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