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It's christmas timee again!

I've been so busy with everything lately that I've had barely any time to do anything. I gotta say, uni assignments are hardddd! :( I have like 3 due really soon and I haven't managed to do anything for them yet.
So it's been quite hard! Although yesterday I finally got a christmas tree! :D I was going to bring my own christmas tree back from home, seeing as we have two at home, but I forgot and since my parents won't be coming till christmas, it would be quite pointless to wait!
So we finally put up a christmas tree here, and with all the spare decorations I did some other stuff around the house, like wrap a lamp in tinsel and decorate handles on cupboards!
We watched a christmas film last night too :) Yay! I lovee christmas time! Although work is going to be hectic now :((
I decided to make the christmas tree silver and blue, because I think it looks more sophisticated when it has a colour scheme! Already one present under it, and not much time to buy more! Eek!

(This picture failed slightly...)


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