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So I have like REALLY terrible skin, as those of you who know me personally probably know! It's really dry and extremely pale so most foundations tend to look too dark on me! (even ivory ones)

But I saw this on a beauty blog and thought I would try it out! To be honest, I've tried MANY foundations and this is probably the happiest I've been! It hasn't been flaky, and it doesn't look orange!

Bourjour - Healthy Mix - Shade 51

Postat av: Peyton Vega

looks good! i just got a maybelline 24 hr one : sO SIcK

2011-01-15 @ 17:16:10
URL: http://peytonvegas.blogg.se/
Postat av: Anonym

How long would that last you? xx

2011-01-17 @ 23:31:20
Postat av: Anna

Um depends how often I use it but probably about a month or 2 :) <3

2011-01-17 @ 23:44:28
URL: http://annarozanska.blogg.se/
Postat av: Sigurdsilje

Keep up the good work.

2011-08-01 @ 08:36:22
URL: http://sigurdsilje.bloghy.com

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