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Lasenza christmas dinner

So last night was the lasenza christmas dinner, at Magna centre in Sheffield. It was a really lovely place and the food was delicious! Although they messed up quite bad and only gave us like one spoon of gravy, and it just wasn't enough!
I did feel quite sick though, so I left early, paying like £12 in a cab! Rip off...
I wore my new dress from River Island :) I still need to do a post about the new stuff I have, but I will do that soon, once my assignments are over! :( Have like two due on Friday and I haven't even started them yet!
I also have a new job now.. well should I say, second job now. I'm baby sitting for a couple that lives quite close to us, and the kids are really lovely and adorable :)
Been lying in bed pretty much all day today, feeling soo so sick :( I feel a little better now though, so hopefully I won't get ill like the week before christmas :(


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