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Sparkle Toothy Tabs - Lush - Solid Toothpaste!

Lush; £2.50

I got these toothy tabs from Lush the other day, because I thought WOW solid toothpaste, it must be awesome :D
Well, the idea is great, but I have to say, it's the first product from Lush that I'm not happy with at all :(
I hated the way there was all these crumbly bits in my mouth for ages, and they tasted like I just crumbled a multivitamin in my mouth. It might be because I got the "sparkle" one, which isn't minty, and I like my minty toothpaste!
But it's not something I would recommend!

Postat av: jazzy elizabeth

I'm not in love with the product but I am with the idea! <a href="http://www.hivenn.com/">x hivenn</a>

2011-08-31 @ 14:39:22
URL: http://www.hivenn.com

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