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MAC foundation (again)

So I wrote about the MAC - Sculpt foundation a while ago, and wasn't really that impresed with it.
However, I think I'm going to change my opinion.
My skin is quite bad, and until I get my laser from Harley Medical, I can't really compare how the foundation will look for other people.
But for a long time my skin has been VERY dry, and so most foundations just end up lookin really flakey after like minutes...
But most foundations tend to wear off really quickly too, even with my Rimmel powder, whereas the MAC Sculpt seems to stay on quite well! And the shade seems to match my skin tone a bit more, considering I'm really pale!
So yeah, I definitely think it's worth the money!

I use the N15 colour, which I think is the lightest one!

Price; £22.50

Check out the full product here;
MAC Sculpt foundation


Postat av: Peyton Vega

i'm glad you're a MACette:D

2010-08-30 @ 23:47:56
URL: http://peytonvegas.blogg.se/

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