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The Hunger Games

IMDB rating:8.3/10(At 22.03.2011)
Anna's rating:10/10

Oh my gosh I don't even know where to start.
I have been waiting for this film to come out since like Novemeber last year... I got the books and read all 3 in the trilogy in just 2.5 days... yes I am indeed a big fat geek and I love good books! Anyway, this is a movie review so yes...
I don't really like summarising story lines so I think if you don't already know GO WATCH THE TRAILER!!
I did hear a lot of mixed opinions from those who were lucky enough to see it during the red carpet premieres, so I was quite scared (although super excited) to see it for myself.. The books are really gory, and I found out that the film was a 12A (uh!) so I was a bit sceptic...
However, even though they super toned down the gore and stuff, I still think it was brilliant! It made you laugh when you were meant to laugh and cry when you were meant to cry.. I actually heard people around the whole cinema crying when I did!
It was really well made, I do think the only tiniest flaw is the fact they have made it a 12A, it would have been perfect even as a 15, even if the books gore would make it an 18..
The acting was brilliant by everyone, but Jennifer Lawrence was awesome.
It was longer than expected, which for me was great because it meant they cut out less from the books. It's a completely different perspective in the books because it's told from the point of view of Katniss, whereas in the film you get to see the game makers and stuff which was cool!
I am actually going to see it again, in the cinema, because I love it! I would 1000000% recommend anyone to go see it. But first and foremost I would recommend people to READ THE BOOKS!!!! They are the most amazing books ever!

Postat av: ana

i agree 15 and maybe as the films go on we can go up to an 18! :)

It was a good film though, :) even made me like Haymitch which i didnt like very much while reading the books! :/ X

2012-03-26 @ 21:00:15
URL: http://weallthinkdifferently.blogspot.com

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