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Day Zero

Ok, so I know I started this like agesss ago, but I did sort of abandon it and I did think I was going to be going to Fiji this summer, but now that that's not going to happen, I think I can try to get back on track with the Day Zero Project.
I have updated the list a little bit, so I am posting the new one here. I have also reset the date of the start of the project to today, woo! (Ok so I'm cheating a little, but hey!)
I've already completed some of the goals, although I don't have enough goals to complete the 100.. but I will add more as they come to me :) I've also made a picture of my "someday" list, although I don't really like the fact that that sounds like it's going to be really far in the future.. I would like to complete as many of my "someday" goals as soon as possible! Although some will be a lot harder, and wayyy more expensive! Like visiting every continent ha!
Ooops I just realised I haven't put "move abroad" onto the list.. ah well, I will update that next time! I do definitely want to move abroad, hopefully to New Zealand! Eek!
But yes, this now has it's own category, and I will try to post updates on completing the goals, as I kind of haven't up till now.. i.e. horse-riding in Poland but didn't really update or write about that as a goal completed, just as it happened!
Anyway, like I have said before, it's awesome having these lists!
They do come out awfully blurry on here, you can always right click and view image to see them a little clearer :D

Current List

The "someday" list

Postat av: ana

i started this too a while back however my list included 3 or 4 things only and im yet to accomplish any of them, but i do love the idea of it! :) must get back into it :D X

2012-03-13 @ 01:49:43
URL: http://weallthinkdifferently.blogspot.com/

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