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Cake pops

Hehe, we finally made these on Friday - they're actually quite easy to make, although I have to say the white chocolate icing was a bit of a let down. The packaging burnt in the microwave, which was a put off because it made the icing smell like burn plastic - not what you want on your food. We had to throw away most of the pack :( But they do look lovely, don't they? It'll be fun to try more recipes, and to make mini doughnuts in it - although I think maybe it's best to stay away from that for a while considering we just had 2 whole boxes of Krispy Kreme's ;) Eek I'm going to get so fat! 
I also had an osteopathy appointment yesterday afternoon, and I have to say I do think it was worth it. Although not what I expected, seeing as I was hoping for a nice relaxing back massage that is going to help my back, and what I got was lots of spine and neck cracking, but it sure did feel good after! Definitely need to buy a new mattress now though, I miss my old hard firm mattress that felt so good to sleep on. This awful one at the moment is just killing my back!
Afterwards I went to get my eyebrows done, seeing as we were actually planning to go out to Centertainment that night. I swear I never want to trust any beautician with my eyebrows again. They ALWAYS mess them up!! I never said make them look like two strings. I spent months growing them and I just wanted to shape them up a bit more, as it's sooo long to pluck :( it seems that every time I go to get them done, they overdo it. Never again. Anyway, we ended up not being able to go out because we took the rubbish out and saw that there was huge amounts of snow outside! Eek! Not ideal to be honest, considering we want to celebrate for Ali and Hasan's birthday this month, and I'm starting uni again tomorrow :( LONG!
But yeah, I'm off to eat rice pudding with polish raspberry syrup :)

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Ooh those came out great, they look tasty

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2012-02-09 @ 13:15:24
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