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Fancy dress at work

So something I haven't had time to mention yet because I've hardly had time to blog lately, is that I have a job now :D
Back in Lasenza where I belong! Haha!
We had fancy dress at work to raise money for breast cancer, and I dressed up as Minnie Mouse! It was really fun, although I did have to stand at the front of the store on my own and try get donations from a cake sale! That was a bit awkward, but fun at the same time! Especially seeing everyones faces light up and smile when they saw me! ("Mummy look its Minnie Mouse!" - was the highlight I think haha)
Also had to walk around the shopping centre like that giving out brouchures to staff in other shops!
But yeah it was a fun experience, and today I had a whole day in the stock room, from which I'm so tired!
I really do miss Lasenza Brent Cross though, didn't realise just how much until I started in this one :(

Postat av: Kristin

So cute! Love Minnie!

2011-10-16 @ 18:43:33
URL: http://www.bonbonrosegirls.com

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