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Wednesday night I went to Corporation for the first time, and I gotta say, people aren't joking when they say it's filthy!
I went to Mitra's flat first, and then we went to Julia's for her birthday pre-drinks, where we played a really weird random drinking game, that involved me drinking more wine than I would have liked.. after which we went to Corporation (note to self: pre buy tickets next time!)
It was really dirty, the floor was completely wet and sticky and just ew! The walls were wet aswell, so after leaning on them a few times my back was all wet!
But it was a great night, involving a lot of cheesy music like "Hit me Baby one more time", "YMCA", "Teenage Dirtbag", "Dancing Queen" and many many others!
It was School Disco theme, so everyone was actually dressed up in "uniform", which felt like a huge deja vu, quite missed being at Hendon!
I wasn't planning to stay till late, but because they kept playing great songs I ended up staying until it shut!
Completely ruined my work shoes though :(


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