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Just thinking what happened to fashion over the last couple hundred years? What happened to wearing beautiful ball gowns every day... Ever since I can remember I've always thought I've been born in the wrong day and age... I belong in the olden days.. with beautiful dresses and no complicated technology.. candle light..
Life was just so much simpler and much more beautiful in those days.. Who thought of all these horrible clothes people wear now? Girls wearing boys clothes.. Just thinking about it makes even ME feel all manly.. And I still own more dresses and skirts than trousers..
I remember when I was a little kid, watching Princess Sissi and wishing I lived in her world..
I love posh things and beautiful things, and fancy ball gowns.. Trouble is, if a girl dressed like that now people would think "erm what the fuck?"... but it should be the other way around.. the things that some girls wear now are actually the weird things..


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