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So I've finally decided to write this post about presents! Unfortunately some of the pictures I took came out really awful and blurry so I won't put them up, but I'll still write about it :)
We got some lovely egg cups from my parents, which is good coz we love eggs! They come with cute little hats to keep them warm aswell :) really cute!
They got us some duvet covers too, one double and one single! I also got a lovely earings and necklace set, although I prefer silver and white gold this one looks nice - might be the first time I wear gold!
Definitely need to go get my ears re-pierced though! Dreading it soo much though, I can't believe I let them close up :(
Got some nice scarf and hat sets too - one pink one purple! I definitely think the pink looks better on me!
I got a 500GB hard drive as well, which is great! I've been wanting one for ages, and I've used up 100GB already oops...
And money too, got about £140 and a £20 topshop voucher :) cannot wait to go spend it!! Been at home ill all week.. hoping to spend it soon!
I got rosetta stone in Japanese and Spanish too finally, I can't wait to start using it :D who cares about uni exams.. haha! Just kidding...
Of course there's also the lovely presents from Ali and Hasan that I posted in the last shopping post, wellies and clothes :) So yeah lovely presents! <3

Postat av: Mitha Komala

omg seems like you got bunch of presents dear !! i think the topshop voucher is the best as girls really love to shop. that knitted hat is lovely indeed. happy new year dear, xx


2011-12-31 @ 17:20:25
URL: http://mithakomala.blogspot.com/

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