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Den:2012-02-21 Kl: 12:28:29 / General / Kommentarer: 0

Today is Ali and Hasan's 22nd birthday! I'm so glad to have known them for the last 7 years, and we've all been through so much together! Really glad that we get to live together now! Can't wait to celebrate this weekend :) Love you guys!

Cake pops

Den:2012-02-05 Kl: 19:18:50 / General / Kommentarer: 1
Hehe, we finally made these on Friday - they're actually quite easy to make, although I have to say the white chocolate icing was a bit of a let down. The packaging burnt in the microwave, which was a put off because it made the icing smell like burn plastic - not what you want on your food. We had to throw away most of the pack :( But they do look lovely, don't they? It'll be fun to try more recipes, and to make mini doughnuts in it - although I think maybe it's best to stay away from that for a while considering we just had 2 whole boxes of Krispy Kreme's ;) Eek I'm going to get so fat! 
I also had an osteopathy appointment yesterday afternoon, and I have to say I do think it was worth it. Although not what I expected, seeing as I was hoping for a nice relaxing back massage that is going to help my back, and what I got was lots of spine and neck cracking, but it sure did feel good after! Definitely need to buy a new mattress now though, I miss my old hard firm mattress that felt so good to sleep on. This awful one at the moment is just killing my back!
Afterwards I went to get my eyebrows done, seeing as we were actually planning to go out to Centertainment that night. I swear I never want to trust any beautician with my eyebrows again. They ALWAYS mess them up!! I never said make them look like two strings. I spent months growing them and I just wanted to shape them up a bit more, as it's sooo long to pluck :( it seems that every time I go to get them done, they overdo it. Never again. Anyway, we ended up not being able to go out because we took the rubbish out and saw that there was huge amounts of snow outside! Eek! Not ideal to be honest, considering we want to celebrate for Ali and Hasan's birthday this month, and I'm starting uni again tomorrow :( LONG!
But yeah, I'm off to eat rice pudding with polish raspberry syrup :)


Den:2012-02-02 Kl: 12:12:14 / General / Kommentarer: 1
Ok so I'm a little late writing about this now, considering it's Thursday, but on Sunday night we had a lovely work meal at an amazing Chinese restaurant! It was a lovely night, and I'm definitely going back there soon :) Most of the staff went, so it was nice to see everyone outside of work. I had like three plates of food, and dessert! Soo full after, had to undo my jeans haha! It was so nicely decorated, it was a really pleasant surprise :) I think we might go there on Saturday, after my Osteopathy appointment :)

Valentine's Day

Den:2012-01-30 Kl: 13:36:55 / General / Kommentarer: 1

So in a few day's it's going to be February... and we all know what February brings.. Valentine's Day!
It's always so hard to find gifts, and as I work in a lingerie shop I thought I would do a little guide to lingerie for Valentine's Day ;)
Considering Lasenza has gone bankrupt and is now in the process of being transferred, there is no Lasenza online so I can't really use that :( Although to be honest, all our stock is sale at the moment anyway, so it's going to be quite hard to find stuff... so yeah here goes!


I loveee babydolls! They're probably one of the best sellers come Valentine's Day too.. it's definitely worth buying one if you haven't already got one! You can go from stuff like corset type babydolls, or one's which are flowy at the bottom. My personal favourite is the sort of inbetween babydoll (2) - a corset type in the way that it hugs your body, but with really thin (usually lacy or see through) material. It's the perfect blend between the two! Second favourite is the flowy babydoll (1) because it's very feminine and girly but sexy at the same time. Lastly, the corset babydoll (3) is really gorgeous and sexy, but I just don't like how stiff and tight it feels when you have it on. Of course it depends on your preferences, but there you have, the three main types :)


Ok, so it's not exactly complicated this one.. if you're not brave enough for babydolls, a simple bra and knicker combo will do just fine I'm sure! Of course it might be hard to find the perfect one.. Well the design of the bra will be completely dependant on your own preferences.. Wether it's red, black, pink or even green, that doesn't really matter, although your partners preference technically should be taken into account considering it's Valentine's Day ;)
But what style of bra? Well if you're big busted go for a balconette bra (1)- they're way more supportive and lift you up, making your boobs seem less saggy! Some balconette bras will look good on smaller boobs but it mostly depends on their shape. Plunge bras (2) are best for smaller busts, because they give you a much nicer shape :) Of course they vary between lightly padded and very padded as well.
But for Valentine's Day, I would suggest going for sexy designs such as red and black, with maybe some frills or lace - trust me! There's a reason why lingerie shops bring out millions of red and black stuff in February, and there's a reason mostly men buy them - they like it! A lot of girls seem to get offended or just not like them and return them if their partner buys them red underwear - why? What's the harm in wearing something really sexy once in a while ;)
As for thong vs. brief vs. shorts - that is obviously up to what you feel more comfy in - and I assure you as long as they're not granny pants, you're all good! All lingerie retailers now usually bring out atleast two different styles in the matching knickers, so you can pick whatever ones you like to match your bra!


Yes. Not much to say, apart from to make sure you check wether it's hold ups (2) or stockings (1)- hold ups will stay on their own, whereas stockings need a suspender belt. This is a definite yes, wether you're wearing babydolls or underwear! (Of course, heels are a must to go with stockings!) There is so many different designs out there now- plain lace top, fishnets, design patterns, seam back, different colours and lots more! They're actually really fun! And if you hurry, you can get some stockings from your local Lasenza for just £1 (previously £12.50)

You can get lots of gorgeous and sexy babydolls and padded bra's from Ann Summers and Boux Avenue - Boux Avenue is pretty much the same as Lasenza, their stuff is literally the same as ours was, but yeah!

The world is beautiful

Den:2012-01-14 Kl: 09:08:14 / General / Kommentarer: 3
I came across an article of 10 breathtaking time lapse videos of nature, and although they all made my jaw drop, I think these ones were the most beautiful.
It's a great reminder of how beautiful our world really is, and that we should definitely take care of it and appreciate it! Instead of destroying it with all this CO2 and all that! Definitely watch them!
I love how you can see all the lightning storms going on all around the world in the space video, it looks so cool! As do the views of the Northern Lights, something that for a long time has been my ambition to see with my own eyes :)

A Timelapse Journey with Nature: 2009-2011 from Henry Jun Wah Lee on Vimeo.

Fun times

Den:2012-01-13 Kl: 00:25:12 / General / Kommentarer: 1

Finally today's post made me so happy! We've been waiting for this game for agesss!! :D Rayman Origins! Spent a huge chunk of the day today playing it, I can't describe how happy Rayman makes me!
Although to be honest I think my favourite is still Rayman 2, this game is still really good!
It's had a lot of really good reviews as well, so yeah!
To be honest it's not good that we got it now considering my exams are starting next week but ohwell!

New Years

Den:2012-01-01 Kl: 15:00:05 / General / Kommentarer: 2
My head is pounding quite a bit :( we went out to a lovely (but very expensive) Italian restaurant last night, and I think the wine went to my head...
The food was delicious, even if we did end up spending £70 for three meals!
Also bought some raspberry sourz shots and a blueberry vodka which were awesome, definitely the best out of all the one's we've had!
After that was games and fireworks :) the London fireworks was amazing, it nearly made me cry! Such an amazing show, and it lasted a whole 11 minutes! :O It was just the best show ever! You can watch it here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12101999


Den:2011-12-27 Kl: 16:25:00 / General / Kommentarer: 1
So apart from the millions of stresses I've had over the last week, that I won't even begin to describe, it was actually a pretty good christmas!
My parents came over and bought us lots of stuff, including presents for all three of us, lots of food supplies and sweets, stuff from ali and hasans mum, and lots of food my mum made like lamb and stuff and like 2 cakes she baked.. pretty much the whole fridge.. ! Our store is completely stuffed to the top with everything from sweets to toilet paper!
Went up south to a small city next to York for christmas, and got lots of presents! I'll write another post about that after, but I've actually realised I didn't take that many pictures :( guess I had other stuff on my mind!
I'm incredibly ill now though, which I think started from going outside in my PJs! Oops...


Den:2011-12-26 Kl: 12:57:00 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So my mum sent me some of her pictures from Christmas, and I don't really like most of them so I'll just post up two :)

Everyone looking at the fish tank!

I have no idea...


Den:2011-12-21 Kl: 23:07:59 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Just thinking what happened to fashion over the last couple hundred years? What happened to wearing beautiful ball gowns every day... Ever since I can remember I've always thought I've been born in the wrong day and age... I belong in the olden days.. with beautiful dresses and no complicated technology.. candle light..
Life was just so much simpler and much more beautiful in those days.. Who thought of all these horrible clothes people wear now? Girls wearing boys clothes.. Just thinking about it makes even ME feel all manly.. And I still own more dresses and skirts than trousers..
I remember when I was a little kid, watching Princess Sissi and wishing I lived in her world..
I love posh things and beautiful things, and fancy ball gowns.. Trouble is, if a girl dressed like that now people would think "erm what the fuck?"... but it should be the other way around.. the things that some girls wear now are actually the weird things..

The Hunger Games

Den:2011-12-18 Kl: 13:58:49 / General / Kommentarer: 1

Ok so I don't normally write about books and stuff.. but I just had to write about this one! I swear, for the last god knows how many years I've been the biggest Harry Potter geek ever, and then Twilight too! I never thought I'd say something can beat it.. but the time has come, I think!
This was seriously the best book I've read.. I don't even know what it is about it.. It was just amazing.. I literally read the first 2 books in 2 days.. I spent the whole Saturday and Sunday just reading.. and every time I had a spare moment I would be reading the third one.. even in the 5 minutes I would have before work when I got there..
It follows the story of a girl called Katniss, and I would try and explain what it's about but I think the trailer for the upcoming movie will do better ;P
(Oh my god, I cannot WAIT for the movie!!!)


Lasenza christmas dinner

Den:2011-12-12 Kl: 20:45:53 / General / Kommentarer: 0
So last night was the lasenza christmas dinner, at Magna centre in Sheffield. It was a really lovely place and the food was delicious! Although they messed up quite bad and only gave us like one spoon of gravy, and it just wasn't enough!
I did feel quite sick though, so I left early, paying like £12 in a cab! Rip off...
I wore my new dress from River Island :) I still need to do a post about the new stuff I have, but I will do that soon, once my assignments are over! :( Have like two due on Friday and I haven't even started them yet!
I also have a new job now.. well should I say, second job now. I'm baby sitting for a couple that lives quite close to us, and the kids are really lovely and adorable :)
Been lying in bed pretty much all day today, feeling soo so sick :( I feel a little better now though, so hopefully I won't get ill like the week before christmas :(

It's christmas timee again!

Den:2011-11-30 Kl: 17:12:10 / General / Kommentarer: 0
I've been so busy with everything lately that I've had barely any time to do anything. I gotta say, uni assignments are hardddd! :( I have like 3 due really soon and I haven't managed to do anything for them yet.
So it's been quite hard! Although yesterday I finally got a christmas tree! :D I was going to bring my own christmas tree back from home, seeing as we have two at home, but I forgot and since my parents won't be coming till christmas, it would be quite pointless to wait!
So we finally put up a christmas tree here, and with all the spare decorations I did some other stuff around the house, like wrap a lamp in tinsel and decorate handles on cupboards!
We watched a christmas film last night too :) Yay! I lovee christmas time! Although work is going to be hectic now :((
I decided to make the christmas tree silver and blue, because I think it looks more sophisticated when it has a colour scheme! Already one present under it, and not much time to buy more! Eek!

(This picture failed slightly...)


Den:2011-11-25 Kl: 20:17:04 / General / Kommentarer: 1

World Food Festival

Den:2011-11-19 Kl: 23:35:05 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Tonight was the World Food Festival at our uni, and I have to say I was soo impressed! I agreed to help out on the day with the ISC, and to be honest wasn't really looking forward to it; I thought it would be rubbish!
But I couldn't have been more wrong! It was an amazing event, and I DEFINITELY want to go next year! (Probably as a guest though..lol)
There was lots of different societies who had their own stalls set up, with lots of national dishes for everyone to try out! It was really amazing and the atmosphere was great, with everyone just sort of radiating happiness (atleast at the food stalls;))
I didn't really brave any of the foods though, because I didn't have the patience to wait around with so many people, but I did have lots of desserts (fatty!) Quite impressed myself with the amount of different ones I tried, considering the fussy eater that I actually am.
Everyone was really lovely, and most of all the decorations were just on a whole new level of awesomeness! I mean check out the pineapple cups below! Haha!
I didn't stay for the afterparty, although I'm sure it would have been amazing!

Lasenza night out

Den:2011-11-19 Kl: 13:12:30 / General / Kommentarer: 0
After working till 10.30pm last night, I actually managed to go out..and stay out!
I got changed at work, and met Sarah at the station, after which we quickly dropped my stuff off at mine and then headed for Players to meet the rest of the Lasenza girls!
Although I don't particularly like Players, considering the half naked girls everywhere giving it a very sleazy feel, it was actually pretty fun! It was a tad weird seeing members of management after they'd been drinking but in a good way ;)
I actually had a skittles bomb, which I've been dying to try from ages!! Not sure if it counts towards my "day zero" project list, considering I didn't actually make it from scratch.. hmm.. But it was very very nice! Definitely better than the tequila. Blergh.
We went to Lava Lounge for a bit, didn't really like that much, barely played anything good :(
Then we (very slowly might I add) made our way to Embrace!
Apparently there were a lot of rumours that it's dead on a Friday, but it was actually pretty packed out, and we ended up having lots of fun!
After I got home at like 3am we were going to stay up all night, but didn't actually make it haha! I think we ended up going bed at like 4 something..


Den:2011-11-15 Kl: 17:07:15 / General / Kommentarer: 1
Why do people make/wear perfumes that are so strong you might aswell spray alcohol on your body?
I have a tendency to wear lots of different perfumes, although I wear one at a time for a certain period of time.
I've gone through a fair share of good and bad ones, so I thought I'd just jot down my best ones!
My ultimate favourite is D&G Collection Pour Femme, no.3

Quite pricey though, at £37 a bottle, but it's just amazing! With its subtle watermelon and kiwi scent, it's so light and fruity!

After that I have lots of other favourites, but in no order :)
Definitely love Britney Spears - Midnight Fantasy, although Fantasy and Curious are both great scents too, I think they get quite sickening after a while.
The perfect perfume will never get sickening, and you won't be able to smell it on yourself (if you can, apparently that means that's not your scent;))

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is also brilliant, as well as Prada by Prada

There was also a perfume I loved, I THINK it was one of Paris Hilton's range, but I cannot remember the name. Someone once wore it in our shop, and I thought it smelt amazing, and although I asked her I couldn't remember later on to buy it :(

I love perfumes which make me go "oohhh" when someone passes me wearing them, without feeling overwhelmed.


Den:2011-11-11 Kl: 20:44:42 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Wednesday night I went to Corporation for the first time, and I gotta say, people aren't joking when they say it's filthy!
I went to Mitra's flat first, and then we went to Julia's for her birthday pre-drinks, where we played a really weird random drinking game, that involved me drinking more wine than I would have liked.. after which we went to Corporation (note to self: pre buy tickets next time!)
It was really dirty, the floor was completely wet and sticky and just ew! The walls were wet aswell, so after leaning on them a few times my back was all wet!
But it was a great night, involving a lot of cheesy music like "Hit me Baby one more time", "YMCA", "Teenage Dirtbag", "Dancing Queen" and many many others!
It was School Disco theme, so everyone was actually dressed up in "uniform", which felt like a huge deja vu, quite missed being at Hendon!
I wasn't planning to stay till late, but because they kept playing great songs I ended up staying until it shut!
Completely ruined my work shoes though :(


Den:2011-11-04 Kl: 11:45:31 / General / Kommentarer: 0
I love sitting in the park, it's so calming for some strange reason. Just sitting there, watching the trees and animals, it's really great! I guess it's a good thing we live in the greenest city in the UK right? Still have to make that trip to the Peak District, although not sure when exactly! Although I have a feeling I'm not going to want to leave...I love the peace and quiet.

Happy Halloween!

Den:2011-11-02 Kl: 00:02:10 / General / Kommentarer: 0
Slightly late, but still!
I have to say, I've never really seen a city which embraces Halloween in such a way as Sheffield! My uni was full of full-on decorations, including an actual coffin in the middle of students union, which, come 31st of October, actually included a person inside it that occasionally decided to pop out and scream. Yes I did nearly suffer a heart attack.
The shops all had decorations in the windows, and the whole city centre got shut down from traffic for "Fright Night" - an annual Halloween festival!
Thousands of completely transformed ghosts, zombies, monsters, and witches took to the streets of Sheffield, for lots of spooky activities! I have to admit, although I knew they were all just average everyday people dressed up, I did actually get pretty scared!
There was lots of stuff, fairground rides, hot dog stands, even a radio show!
We spent Halloween night just watching lots of scary movies! I've finally watched Saw 1 & 2, and I have to admit I actually liked it! haha!
Hope everyone had a great night!

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