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Summer days are here again

Ahh it's been soo hot in the UK over the last few days I love it! Although it's exam time and can't really do that much at the moment, I really do love it! Having all the windows open in the house and still feeling hot feels good :D
I'm just hoping this lovely 25 degree heat stays until my exams are over ahh!
Had a 9am exam this morning which wasn't fun at all, waking up so early is harddd! Who would think that Ali would be better at waking up at 7am than me lol! When I used to get up at 6am every day for college.. hmm.. I think my gap year / uni has made me a tad lazy.. ahwell!
After the exam went to the pub with Mitra, which was so lovely, (minus the bees) sitting outside in the sunshine eating our fat burgers.. They had some reaaaaaaaallly strange stuff on the menu, like burgers with bacon and banana and maple syrup wtfff?! Anyway, 1 hour sitting outside in the sunshine and I already have a sunburn... oh it's so fun being white... (not..)
Although talking about California life was fun, and hearing that I can maybe go with Mitra next time she goes was DEFINITELY fun :P
Ali's at work till late and probably won't be back till like 11pm, so just came home and have basically just been watching films with Hasan.. watched 2 films already, and getting ready to watch the 3rd! I loveee movies! Only thing missing is some ice cream grr... such a lovely evening outside! Tomorrow I'm going to phone up the gym to get an induction set yay!


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