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HCS & CivSoc Ball

So on Tuesday night we had our end of year ball :D it was at Sheffield City Hall, which was really nice because it's so fancy and posh!
It started off badly, considering I was meant to leave at 6oclock to go to the pub beforehand, and I couldn't fit into the dress I got for the ball :( It was such a lovely dress and I was soo excited to wear it! Did my nails grey to match and everything... turns out I've actually managed to gain enough weight that I couldn't zip the dress up... I raided through my wardrobe and managed to find the old American Apparel dress I got which is a multi-way, so I tied it up in a bit of a fancy way, and added a flower! Did feel veryyy under dressed though, considering how many girls were wearing floor length ball gowns!
Anyway, it was a lovely night, we got 2 free bottles of wine per table (not that I drank much of it, I really hate the taste of wine, Rose is the only one I can handle!) and a 2 course meal (lovely chicken main, and a massive cake with custard - came out really blurry so no pic!)
There was candle light, and a fancy band playing, which actually made me feel like I was back in the olden days :D
Then the DJ came, and although I didn't like a lot of the music he played, he did play some awesome songs like California Girls :D which was good!
Unfortunately I didn't take my good camera, because it didn't fit into my bag, so most of the pictures are rubbish!

Postat av: PEYTON

Loving that hair on you!

2012-05-11 @ 16:14:32
URL: http://vegapeyton.blogg.se/

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