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So last night, I went to this beauty talk thing at uni, given by John Emsley, with Mitra. We got a free drink and cake from Coffee Revolution before, and just sat down and had it, then went into the auditorium for the talk. I have to say, it was a bit different than I thought - it gave a lot of information but it wasn't as fun and informative as I expected. He didn't really explain the ingredients and stuff, just showed us a list of them, which was a bit confusing seeing as they used the phrase "Have you ever wondered why there are 30 ingredients in a Lancome lipstick?" as one of the catchphrases. Afterwards, we went back to Coffee Revolution, where they had set up lots of stalls with fun beauty-related things to do. We got mini massages from a lovely lady who had a BEAUTIFUL golden retriever guide dog, unfortunately I'm not allowed to post up the pictures, but she was so cute and made me remember how much I want a golden retriever :( they're awesome!
But yeah, they also held a raffle, where unfortunately I didn't win anything (surprise..) but Mitra did win some tealights, so that's good!
I do think I shouldn't have gone out though, because I was quite ill already and now I'm even worse!

Free hot chocolate and cherry cake:)

Beautiful stuff handmade by lilidrawspictures was on sale on one of the stalls!

Mitras prize from the raffle

Postat av: Amiee Whitney

Thanks babe!

Ahh yeah it's the third time I've seen it now haha <3

2012-04-03 @ 21:33:05
URL: http://amieewhitney.blogg.se/

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