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So I haven't really been posting regularly, mostly because I've been very lazy and just plain not bothered :)
Not much interesting stuff has been happening really, mostly been chilling at home and watching stuff, working and volunteering at the cat shelter!
We finally bought a new big fridge freezer, seeing as a tiny under the counter one doesn't really do the job for 3 people!
Today was an incredibly hot day, nearing 30 degrees! I actually wore my new maxi dress to go to work because I didn't think I would be able to bear wearing my uniform outside! Was also the first day the brand new Lasenza store opened in Meadowhall. Can't quite make up my mind about it, although there's a lot more Ann-Summers kind of stuff, like bras from which your nipples stick out! Whaaat? Slightly weird for Lasenza but yeahh.. some of the stuff is quite nice :) I was very happy that I stayed at my size in the Canadian sizes aswell yay!
I've also got a second cage for Bubbles, so that she has more room to run around in :)
Anyways, should be posting a bit more soon as I have interesting stuff to actually write about coming up soon :)


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