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End of the world

So we've been watching and reading a lot of stuff about the end of the world 2012 prophecies.. A really good documentary series on the History channel called "Ancient Aliens" has shed light on so much compelling evidence it's quite overwhelming to think about it all at once!
I think it has truly convinced us, along with many others I'm sure, that aliens from another planet have visited the Earth in the past, and genetically modified human beings to what we are today.
I won't go into too much detail (and if you think I'm crazy, I strongly recommend watching the series - you can't deny the evidence because it's not made up!)

One of the most compelling paintings - the mother of Jesus, with a strange looking hovercraft above, and a man looking up at it.
"The Madonna with Saint Giovannino"

So basically, the truth as it seems now is that 'God' or the 'Gods' should I say, have all stemmed from ancient alien beings - it explains everything from old paintings to quotes from the bible, ancient scripts, drawings, even buildings!
Anyway, I don't think that's something that bothers me.. Far more concerning than that is the fact that for a really long time, the Earths doom's day has been forecasted as 21 December 2012.
And there's so many different prophecies out there, and the most frightening thing is that when you put them together it kind of makes a bit of sense!

So let's see...

Firstly, and probably the biggest factor in these prophecies, is the end of the Mayan calendar. 21 December 2012 marks the end of a Long Count calendar that has lasted for five thousand one hundred and twenty five years. A lot of people believe that this means something significant (obviously..), and that it will be something to do with something from beyond this world, especially since the Maya's were really knowledgable in astrology etc.

The next thing is that the 10th planet, i.e. Planet X, a.k.a Nibiru, is going to cause something huge to happen. The 10th planet, which has it's orbit in between Mars and Jupiter, is set to come back into the solar system in 2012, (after 3,600 years) It's been speculated that it will cause major gravitational disruptions in the planets, and in the Earth, and could cause a lot of disasterous earthquakes and other disasters to happen.

So, moving onto the next thing - the galactic equator. This is a rare planetary alignment, where the whole galaxy is going to align.
Not only will the Sun, the 10 planets (including Planet X), and a black hole align, (with the sun at one end and the black hole on the other), the star constellations which represent the star signs are also going to align. This is quite scary!

Linking to that, we are set to enter a new age according to the star signs - we are currently in the Age of Pisces , and it is set to change to the Age of Aquarius in 2012. The age is determined by which constellations can be seen on the morning of the spring equinox, so a new age always begins every 2,160 years.

And, as if there is any need for more things to be set to happen in 2012, the solar flares that are released from the sun on a reoccurring cycle are set to peak during the year 2012. Apparently in combination with the reappearance of Planet X, or Nibiru, this could cause a massive amount of damage to the planet on a level that has never been seen before.

Lastly, the thing that is most likely to happen - the magnetic pole shift!
It is thought by scientists that these happen every one million years.. and the last one was 750,000 years ago! Which means we're about 250,000 years overdue.. This isn't speculation about aliens that people can be in denial over.. that's actual fact. The magnetic field has been decreasing, so it's very probable that the shift will happen. This would actually result in the North and South magnetic fields changing place - which would lead to devastation! Lots of radiation from the sun would be let through the atmosphere, resulting in lots of skin cancers, and lots of natural disasters etc could happen.

So, can it be a coincidence that all these things are set to happen in the same year as the Mayan calendar runs out ? I don't think so.. Of course, some of these things (not including the magnetic shift) could probably happen on their own and not cause much panic (e.g. the change to a new age of star sign is not seen as a doom's day prophecy), but I think the fact that they are ALL due to happen in the same year should bring some attention to what might happen... It could be the case that all these things are going to happen and most of the world will be wiped out, or perhaps a new age will begin! Either way, I definitely think something important and big is lying ahead. There are lots of other very very interesting facts and theories behind all of this, but I think that calls for a new post, as this one has been very long! Hope this is something to think about!

Postat av: Closet Fashionista

So weird reading all this stuff! I'll have to watch that series :)

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2012-01-18 @ 01:06:37
URL: http://www.closet-fashionista.com
Postat av: Mitha Komala

interesting facts dear, thanks for sharing all these. but i really hope that the world will not end in 2012. fingers all crossed!!!


2012-01-18 @ 15:58:54
URL: http://mithakomala.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Amiee Whitney

Thanks babe, I actually did it on a model :)

2012-01-20 @ 21:53:21
URL: http://amieewhitney.blogg.se/

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