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Bubble Bath - Soap & Glory

I got this lovely Soap & Glory bubble bath the other day, and I have to say I am so impressed! There was soo many bubbles, I've never had a bath with that many bubbles! Haha! I think it was like £5.11 for the bottle, and it's moisturising as well so that's always good! :) I think next time I will put in less of it though, I actually had to put some bubbles down the toilet to stop the bath overflowing! :) Ali and Hasan seem to think it smells like beer though, and I guess it does a little when it's in the bottle, but not when it's in the bath (I don't think..) Definitely a good buy!

Postat av: Amiee Whitney

It was amazing and I actually never thought I'd like Sushi because of the store stuff smells awful but the real deal is pretty nice! I'd love to go to Japan

2012-02-19 @ 21:18:48
URL: http://amieewhitney.blogg.se/
Postat av: cherie's välgörenhetsblogg

how nice!

2012-02-21 @ 08:09:54
URL: http://www.cherie.se

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