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Ali and Hasan's birthday (sort of)

So last weekend a couple of Ali and Hasan's friends came over to celebrate their 22nd birthday :)
Unfortunately because it wasn't really planned early enough, some people couldn't come because the tickets and hotels ended up being quite expensive! But it was still a really good weekend!
I was a bit tired from getting up early to go to the early birthday party, but it wasn't too bad. We went out to a lovely Chinese restaurant, (even though we went into an Indian place by accident then had to leave..oops!) and it was so surprisingly nice.. even better than Flaming Dragon tbh! Although it was really pricey.. £4.50 for 3 spring rolls?! Seriously. But the food quality was really good, atleast in what I got. Hasan did say he didn't like his food.
Went to Vodka Revolution after and had like 10 million drinks lol. Although one of them looked nice but I thought it tasted horrible, but since everyone else seemed to like it Hasan finished it off for me..
I had a lovely drink afterwards not even sure what it was but it was full of mushy ice and strawberry flavoured so ya :D We all had lots of fun shots because they had like a million different flavours so we kept trying different ones.. it actually got really packed out afterwards which was unexpected because I've never seen it that full.
Anyway, went back home afterwards and played drunk monopoly.. we did have a rule that everytime you passed go you had to drink a shot.. although I think everyone else drank like 10 times more than me because I kept rolling like 4 and under, not even joking. At one point I actually said 'please roll more than 4' and I rolled a 5.. ahh! But it was fun, even if I did lose awfully ha. Ali ended up passing out because he was so drunk and Aeven and Steven decided to take advantage and draw on him, as well as paint his nails with my blue nail varnish. (lol)
We ended up going to Embrace after, and I have to say I was actually disappointed. Embrace is usually really good on a Saturday, but this time it wasn't that good. Although they did play a song I requested via Twitter so that was fun ha. But some guy called Romeo came or something, no idea who he was but then we left.
Got really scared when someone rang our bell and then knocked on our door at like 3am. I was too scared to look through the peephole incase there was a monster there haha!
Anyway, they left on Sunday after going to the pub to watch the Football and then I went to see The Vow in cinema with Sarah and Mitra! Such an amazing film, but I'll do a review soon ;) I'm actually ill now, I think because we waited for a cab for 40 minutes outside our flat and I was in just a dress and jeans jacket. Oops.


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