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So apart from the millions of stresses I've had over the last week, that I won't even begin to describe, it was actually a pretty good christmas!
My parents came over and bought us lots of stuff, including presents for all three of us, lots of food supplies and sweets, stuff from ali and hasans mum, and lots of food my mum made like lamb and stuff and like 2 cakes she baked.. pretty much the whole fridge.. ! Our store is completely stuffed to the top with everything from sweets to toilet paper!
Went up south to a small city next to York for christmas, and got lots of presents! I'll write another post about that after, but I've actually realised I didn't take that many pictures :( guess I had other stuff on my mind!
I'm incredibly ill now though, which I think started from going outside in my PJs! Oops...

Postat av: Closet Fashionista

Yayy for having a good Christmas! It always helps you feel better after you're stressed about stuff, hehe

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2011-12-29 @ 14:08:38
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